The Luminous Pearl – Lia Scallon – SOS

The Luminous Pearl – Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light

The Luminous Pearl is no ordinary music CD. For over a decade, Lia Scallon’s Sacred Songs and Light Language known as the Sounds of Sirius, have been transforming lives throughout the world.

liapic-pearlMichael Diamond, Music and Media Focus says:
“In the afterglow of her international award-winning album Crystal Keys, Australian artist Lia Scallon has poured heart and soul into crafting her follow up release, The Luminous Pearl. Singing in what she calls a Language of Light, Lia’s angelic invocations have a mystical air, reminiscent of songs from the movie ‘Avatar’ or ‘Lord Of The Rings’.  With its focus on transformation, hope, beauty, and love, The Luminous Pearl will shine brightly among the musical offerings of this gifted artist.”

Alejandro from states:
“Undoubtedly the best work of her career. ‘The Luminous Pearl’ is a stunning album. ‘The Luminous Pearl’ creates dreams. Highly recommended!

The Luminous Journey…

On December 21st 2012 we crossed the threshold into a new 26,000-year cycle of the Earth’s history. Under Divine prompting, the main recording of ‘The Luminous Pearl’ took place during the 3-day ‘window’ of that Alpha/Omega time, between December 21st and December 23rd 2012. The transformative energy frequencies of that unique moment in time are embedded in the 13 tracks of this album, which take the listener on a loving journey of celebration, dreaming, and joyful embrace of the New Age of Wisdom.

The Mystical Unfoldment Track by Track

As we enter the new Age of Wisdom we are Dreaming the World. With Infinite Love we call into Being once more, Magnificent Gaia. With Grace and Gratitude, we stand in awe of the Mystery of Life. Imbued with a new Light of Consciousness, we embrace Mother Earth with A Radiant Heart. We open to her Healing Waves and her Gift of Serenity. Whole at last, we Walk in Beauty and Joyful Inspiration upon our New Earth.[/box]

The Luminous Pearl

Also carried within the music, is the energy of a rare and precious artifact known as ‘The Luminous Pearl’, which was present in the recording studio throughout the entire production of this album.. This extraordinary object, a crystal that literally glows luminously in the dark, has been handed down generation upon generation, through a female lineage in China. In a most unexpected way, it passed into Lia’s care in September 2012. It’s previous custodian, an 80-year-old female Taoist shaman handed it on, saying the time had come for the Pearl to be with another woman who would use it to heal herself and others. Lia considers it a great honour to have been entrusted with this sacred mission.

The Luminous Pearl radiated its magical Light upon Lia and her musicians in the studio as they opened themselves to receive and harness the energies of the New Earth and embed them into the music. It now radiates its mystical Light upon you the listener, through the Light frequencies of these sacred ‘Luminous’ songs.

The Magical Numerology of The Luminous Pearl

A fascinating numerological aspect emerged throughout the recording and production of this album, suggestive of a powerful, synergistic Universal flow. Three numbers appeared repeatedly– 13, 9 and 4

  • Recording began on December 21/12/12 = 9;
  • Present in the studio was ‘The Master Crystal Skull Solar’, described as ‘The 13th skull’
  • The total playtime of the album is 72.22 minutes = 13
  • Number of album tracks = 13
  • 9 track times add up to 9
  • 4 track times add up to 13
  • No 4 is deeply embedded throughout given that 13 = 4
  • Lia’s birth date is a master number birth-date – 22 = 4
  • Production engineer Nigel also has the master birth-date 22 = 4
  • Retail price of the album is $26.95  = 22 = 4
  • The completed album shipment arrived in Cairns on April 22nd22/4
  • It was 4 months to the day since the main recording – 4
  • Final mixing of the album completed on 1/ 3/ 13 =  13.13
  • The final mastering completed on 4/ 3/ 2013 = 13
  • The Master CD and artwork arrived at the manufacturers on 3/4/2013 = 13
  • The USA barcode number adds up to 9
  • The Australian barcode number adds up to 9
  • Number of musicians involved in the recording – 9

Deluxe Digipak Presentation

No expense has been spared on the album presentation. The CD is encased in a Deluxe Digipak with exquisite artwork. The enclosed booklet tells the full and intriguing story of the mysterious Luminous Pearl itself.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolutely exquisite packaging and design of this CD, which includes an 11-page full color booklet with a wealth of information about every aspect of this production. I highly recommend that anyone considering getting The Luminous Pearl, buy the CD, rather than downloading it, as the reading of the booklet greatly enhances the overall experience of the album.”
Music and Media Focus – USA

“CD packaging rates an A+ with copious and informative liner notes contained in a well-laid out digipack which features additional inner pages.”
Zone Music Reporter

“This music for enlightenment… presented in a beautiful package that tells a fascinating story.” – USA