December 12, 2014

The Sidhe


Before going to Ireland in October 2014, I was receiving messages from left, right and centre indicating that this trip was going to be very significant – not necessarily all sweetness and light – but definitely significant. One of the ‘messengers’ was from Steve Pitt whom I’d recently met in Sedona at Kirt Landauer’s home with the ancient crystal skulls ‘Lucy’ and Ixchell. Steve is that rare and dynamic combination of scientist, metaphysician and teacher. He is an avid observer of planetary astrology as well as having an acute interest in deciphering and keeping people informed about the unusual solar activity our earth is currently receiving. The following message from Steve arrived a few days before I flew to Ireland.

“You…the ceremonial blanket weaver, will work with the nature spirits at sunset.
You will be opposed by traditional religion, traditional workers.
You are there to do ceremony with the Sidhe
You will get instructions from them but not without a price
Be prepared to offer them a gift of something dear
This will insure you get what you came for..not why you think you are there.
You set this up lifetimes ago
The traditionalists will not like your presence there.
Be cautious but persevere”

Sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) literally means “people of the fairy hills”. It is the Gaelic name for the fairies in both Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland. These are not your Tinkerbell type of fairy. They are the descendants of the Celtic gods – a tall, noble, almost human-like race of great beauty and powerful magic who make their home near the lakes, mountains and forests.

To this day in Ireland farmers will leave gifts for the Sidhe, for the protection of their livestock and crops. Catholic Ireland still retains many remnants of the old ways! This inbuilt recognition of the presence of the Sidhe means that many people will think long and hard before cutting down a Fairy Ring or a lone tree in a field.

What really made me sit up and take notice of Steve’s message was that I was already experiencing the sort of opposition from the ‘traditionalists’ spoken about in his ‘prophecy’. I’ve never really had anything to do with in-depth astrology, either planetary or personal, but interestingly, at exactly this time I received a similar warning from another astrologer, that I needed to exercise caution…

“As you travel, remain seriously aware of the “power of the unpredictable” in absolutely everything, and everywhere. Also remain vigilant regarding ‘those who reflect apparent power’, even if you feel immediately comfortable with them. I’m not trying to scare you, but you need to maintain a 360 degree cautious radar, at all times.”

This may all sound somewhat far fetched, but given that I was already experiencing rumblings in relation to my visit to the ‘old country’, it all seemed a bit too much like co-incidence! What these messages certainly did do, was to alert me to the intricate weaving of divine synchronicities that began to unfold in Ireland, that have continued since my return to Australia. Some of these have been jaw-dropping in their complexity!

The next significant message came within 48 hours of my arriving in Ireland. Having been out for a walk in the woods on the shores of Lough Erne beside the family home, I posted some of glorious shots of the Fermanagh landscape on Facebook.


The mossy roots of a great Grandmother tree


Lough Erne in the autumn sunshine


Rustic Autumn carpet in the Irish forest

The post received a surprising amount of attention. Amongst the 150 or so people who responded there was comment from Australian Rebecca Gresham, asking me if I happened to be anywhere near Devenish Island.

Devenish Island was one of Ireland’s most important ancient religious centres for centuries. It features one of the most perfect examples of a Round Tower in the British Isles. St Molaise founded a monastery on Devenish in the 6th century and over the ensuing 1,000 years, others followed. The sense of peace and tranquility of the island setting, combined with its closeness to the mainland  meant that Devenish played an important role through the ages, in the everyday society of the day.


Devenish Island with its medieval Round Tower

Having replied to Rebecca that our family home was just a skip across the lake from Devenish, she wrote back with some startling information in relation to the island that I’d never heard before. Apparently, it’s said that the prophet Jeremiah travelled to Devenish with an Egyptian Princess/Priestess and he may in fact be buried on the island. Jeremiah and the Princesses travelled through Glastonbury to do work there, but it was Ireland that was their ultimate and final destination. Rebecca wrote:-

“My inner knowing is that Jeremiah (aka St Germain) was much more than a prophet. He was also a master of the grids and leylines. He and the queens Tea Tephi and Scota were there working with the grids waaay back. From what I can gather there is a nearby Tara Hill a few miles away – not the ‘Mound of the Hostages’ Tara Hill – but a relatively unknown Tara hill. Devenish Island link holds the seeds of a Christ~consciousness octahedron – similar to your Source Stone Indigo Grid activation in Annandale!!

The Tara/Quan Yin Source Light that resonates with the Galactic Centre, was literally held within them and anchored there (in Devenish) for the seeding of the next Root Race. Later Joseph of Arimathea and his daughters the Magdalenes, reactivated the site. Glastonbury and the work they did there was a stop-off point only. Ireland was their actual destination. I find it amazing that you are so connected to that specific area!!”

My interest was immediately piqued! I sensed that this information was important and timely. My first instinct was to get over and walk the island but unfortunately, all commercial boat trips are suspended from the end of September each year, so the only way to get to Devenish is by private boat. What makes this doubly frustrating is that the island is only a stone’s throw from the mainland – you could swim it on a summers day!

Three days after getting this message from Rebecca was Oct 8th and the Lunar Eclipse. I had arranged to spend this powerful day with my friend Joni Galvin who was making the journey up from Dublin to see me. Somewhere in the back of my mind was the thought that perhaps this could be the day destined for my ceremony with the Sidhe. Joni had been with me on Lough Erne for the 2012 Autumn Equinox, when we experienced an extraordinary day of activations at the foot of the pre-historic Janus figure on the Boa Island, and two other ancient sites. .

Looking back now, I realise that those ceremonies of two years ago were clearly a precursor to the unfolding events of this year.


The pre-historic Janus figure

So…on October 8th at almost the exact the time of the Lunar Eclipse, Joni and I sat on the shoreline directly opposite of Devenish Island. As we gazed upon the island with its Round Tower through the soft, grey Irish mist, we both spontaneously  slipped into meditation.


Devenish Island with its ancient Round Tower

I quickly found myself in a deep trance. While in this altered state, my channel opened, and a stream of Light Language messages and sweet melodies poured through me. Accompanying this outpouring was a profound and moving vision, in which I clearly saw that Devenish Island actually rested on top of a giant underwater crystal. I was clearly shown that the entire island was was built on crystal.

I then saw the people of the Sidhe begin to rise up out from the water. There was a strong ‘knowing’ within me, that these Faerie beings had resided in the depths of the lake for a very long time…eons upon eons. Very softly and slowly from out of my mouth then, fell the words in English,  “Arise…Arise now from your Kingdom beneath the waters…It is time…Arise now, Arise”. These words were addressed to the Sidhe, but also to the Crystal.

Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue my brain threw up a long forgotten memory. Twenty odd years ago whilst researching our family tree, my uncle had discovered that the Scallons had been caretakers of Devenish Island way back. The surfacing of this memory sent shock waves of energy coursing through my body. I was awestruck at the sheer all-encompassing scale and big picture of our earthly incarnations. It was no accident I felt, that I’d been drawn to Devenish on this Lunar Eclipse day. It felt pre-destined.

Along with this insight came the profound understanding that Devenish Island is a Gateway – a universal Portal of connection to other worlds and dimensions. That was why so many people  throughout the ages have been drawn to the place, including Jeremiah and the Egyptian Princess/Priestess. They came to where the veils were thinner, to a convergence of the leylines, to one of Mother Earth’s power nodes which gives direct access to other realms. This is why Devenish became a centre of spirituality.

I realised also why Ireland became known as ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’. Much ancient information is held in this Devenish crystal, including the knowledge embedded there by Jeremiah and the Egyptian Princess Tea Tephi. It’s well known that the Irish monks and the scholars of very early times, frequently set sail in their tiny ‘curraghs’, on their mission to spread knowledge and learning to a then unknown world – including St Brendan who is said to have discovered America, long before Columbus.

Tears flowed from my eyes as sweet Light Language songs poured through me. My heart was so full to witness the ancient ones, the Sidhe, rise up from beneath the lake. There was something else too, that gave much deeper significance to this vision. Earlier in the year, I had been assigned a very specific task by Spirit. I was told that a triad of etheric crystals was to be activated, which would form part of the New Earth Grid. Two of these activations had already taken place before I left for Ireland – one in Orcas Islands in Washington State, the other in Sydney, Australia. As I sat there on the shores of the lake, I realised with certainty, that the Devenish crystal was the third and final one in the Triad.




With my connection to Devenish Island now fully re-awakened, I decided to revisit the information about the Scallons being caretakers of the Island. What I found out in that process blew me away! A google search revealed that my mother’s people the Cassidys, were also ‘Erenaghs’ of Devenish Island!  A headstone for a Patrick Cassidy still stands there to this day.

This new information triggered the memory of a discovery I’d made on that day of the Autumn Equinox two years ago on the Boa Island. On the ground, underneath the foot of the pre-historic Janus figure, lies a flat headstone engraved with the words,

“Entombed here by John Mc Goldrick, in memory of his father Edward Mc Goldrick who departed this life on December 29th aged 70 years. Also his Mother and brother James who died June 12 1809…”

Mc Goldrick is an unusual Irish name but it is to be my Grandmother Scallon’s maiden name! My grandmother grew up in a tiny village on the doorstep of the Boa Island. There can be little doubt therefore, that my bloodline is directly connected to the good souls buried at the foot of the Janus figure.

I now had evidence it seemed, of deep ancient roots of connection to both these sacred islands, through multiple branches of my family tree – the Scallon, Cassidy and Mc Goldrick lines. By bloodlines are directly linked to both the Devenish and Boa.

As I thought of the Boa Island and our ceremonies there, the huge crystal under Devenish entered my vision again. Like a large piece of a jigsaw slotting into place, I suddenly realised that these two islands are part of the same power node – part of the same energy portal! With that, came a deep understanding of the sacredness of the entire area, and an understanding that the Crystal beneath the two islands is a vast storehouse that includes information brought there by Jeremiah and the Egyptian Queen.

No wonder then, that people have travelled to these islands throughout the centuries…no wonder that  Devenish became a centre of spirituality through the ages…and no wonder that people still make pilgrimmage to both islands to this day. The Boa Island still houses undisturbed, the mysterious, pre-historic Janus figure, and Devenish holds the remains of monastic settlements from three separate eras. My strong intuition now however, that it is what lies beneath them – that huge Crystal  Diamond spanning across the two islands – that is the real pull people are feeling when they are drawn to that place.

The map below shows where Devenish Island and the Boa Island are, in relation to each other.


Another new piece of information also sent my mind spinning!  The prophet  Jeremiah is said to have carried with him to Ireland from Egypt, a sacred stone that became known as the LIA Fail;. Translated from the Irish, Lia Fail means ‘The Stone of Destiny’. This was the coronation stone that all the High Kings of Ireland where crowned upon on the Hill of Tara, the revered seat of the High Kings. The Tuath De Dannann, known to be the ancestors of the Sidhe, were said to have been the guardians of the Lia Fail. Given the powerful experience I had just had with the Sidhe, as well as the deep ancestral links to Devenish and the Boa Island through my family lineages I had uncovered, I found the connection of my name to this sacred stone to be intriguing.

Profound though our experience was on the shores of Devenish Island, I knew it was not the ‘ceremony at sunset’ that had been predicted. I felt in my bones that there was something more to come, although I had no idea how that could possibly happen given the logistical constraints upon me.

What I decided to do  in the meantime, was to find out something more about the Sidhe…the ancient Faery race who were calling me so strongly. In my search I was guided to a book called “The Sidhe – Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld”by  British archeological writer John Matthews. John is a rational and pragmatic man who very convincingly, claims to have had direct communication with the Sidhe. They gave him many discourses on a number of topics, including their own origins. The following is part of one of those discourses, in which his Sidhe teacher speaks about who they are:-

“We are an ancient people. We were here long before your kind walked this earth. We remember everything and have seen everything that took place here for many thousands of your years. For a long time we were alone, save for the creatures who shared the world with us. In that time we lived above the earth, under the sun and moon and stars, which we love to look upon. We dreamed and told stories of the first days.

Then one day we became aware of the Newcomers. They were large and slow of movement and wit, and as we swiftly learned, could be both savage and cruel.  They hunted the great creatures with whom we shared the land, and on one occasion they hunted us, bringing the first death to our people in many years.

So we began a pattern of hiding that has become second nature to us. Few of your race have seen us since that time, though we have continued to live side by side with humankind. We have watched you grow and seen that you have changed very little since the time of the Newcomers. Still you love to kill and drive each other out of  places you believe to be yours. And so we have hidden ourselves ever deeper and further away from you.

To begin with we lived in the wildest places, but gradually they hunted us further and further, and we were forced to withdraw ever deeper into the land. At last we went below the earth, making caverns for ourselves, lit by strange suns and moons. We became to you the People of the Hollow Hills, the Dwellers Beneath the Mounds, the Fairy People, the Little Dark Ones. But always we were the Sidhe.  Always we waited for a sign that you might change…that you might be willing to see us, to speak with us.

Some have told the truth about us and been labelled madmen. Those who spoke about our existence have been laughed at and made to feel foolish, and so they fell silent. There are those among us who believe you should be allowed to perish, but others, myself among them, believe otherwise. We believe a new era may be about to dawn, in which the people of the Sidhe will come forth and be seen by all.”

I didn’t get to read this till I was on the plane departing Ireland (the book arrived in the mail the day before I left) but it seemed that the Sidhe were with me all the time now…they were calling me. I knew for sure, that if I was indeed meant to make more intimate contact with them, the way forward would become crystal clear. I’ve had enough experience in the ways of Spirit by now, to know that when it comes to things of this nature, we’re not really in control of what happens at all!

A week and a day after sitting on the shore opposite Devenish Island when I ‘saw’ the Sidhe rise out of the water, the opportunity presented for the ceremony that had been predicted. That morning during my walk in the woods  a very large black stick that looked like a snake, lay across my path at a place that is very sacred and special to me – a place I believe  was once a meeting place for the High Druids, where they sat in a council in a circle.


This snake lay directly under a tree, the roots of which form a natural altar. The first photo I had taken of this tree altar a couple of years ago, was full of Light Orbs.



My heart leapt in recognition, when I saw the stick. My immediately knew this snake stick carried a significant message.

When I asked Spirit why the stick blocked my path, I was told it represented a line in the sand, that it was symbolic of a dynamic division representative of ‘that was then – this is now’. On one side of the stick lay all that was the old… what had been. On the other side of the stick lay the new…the promise of all that was to come.

It was a most beautiful autumn day that day. The sun flooded the landscape and the perfectly still lake reflected the white clouds above, as if in a mirror.



The opportunity I had been waiting for came in a split second that evening. Just as the sun began to set in the West, one of my sisters arrived to visit my father which meant that suddenly, I was free ‘to go out for a walk before it gets dark‘. I grabbed the ceremonial offerings I’d stashed away in case this opportunity arose, ran to the car, and drove like a Formula One driver down the country roads, chasing the setting sun!



Chasing the setting sun!


I knew exactly were I was going. A few days earlier, another sister and I had gone for a walk in a National Forest Park overlooking the lake. I had never walked in this place before. The park was buried deep in the heart of the countryside near the tiny village of Derrygonnelly, and I knew there would be absolutely no-one there at that time of night.



The sun sets over the National Forest that was my destination


When we had happened upon the glade that day on our walk, there was a sense that no-one had set foot there before, so thick was the moss, so ancient the feeling. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I felt the Sidhe there, and I knew that this was where I would come, if the opportunity arose for me to connect with them in a meaningful way.



Moss covered trees in the Fairy Glade



A stream runs through the mossy Fairy glade


Even the photos I took that day captured the Fairy magic…



IMG_0677 2



When I returned to the Fairy Glade for the ceremony at sunset, the date that day was 16/10/14.  I realise now that adds up to the No 13 – a number that has featured heavily in all my spiritual journeys. The gifts I carried with me were butter, milk and honey – commonly known in Ireland to be favourites of the Sidhe.

There was one other gift I carried within me …the gift of my song.

It’s said that one of the things the Sidhe love most is the gift of a young girl’s song. I may not have the youth bit any more, but I do still have my song!

At the entrance to the Fairy glade, a huge Stone Ancestor being looms high above on the hill. His eyes survey the vast panorama, while benevolently observing all who enter this very special place.



An Ancient Ancestor Rock Guardian guards the entrance


By the time I greeted him that evening, the sun had  almost fully descended and the light was growing dim. It was that liminal time, when the boundary between worlds is thinnest…no longer day but not quite night…a time when it is easiest to cross the threshold of dimensions. It is said to be one of the best times to make contact with the Sidhe.

As expected, there was not another soul in sight. The silence was deafening, punctuated only by birdsong and the snapping of the odd twig underfoot. My heart was thumping with anticipation, laced with a tinge of apprehension at what I might be about to experience. It would have been very easy to be frightened, all alone there in that remote place, but deep down I knew I’d been summoned there, and that I would be safe and protected.

Placing my bag of gifts on the ground on the fringe of the Fairy Glade,  I called upon the Sidhe. I called them and then waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, still unable to move, I found myself saying three times out loud …

“I come bearing gifts…I await your invitation to enter
I come bearing gifts…I await your invitation to enter
I come bearing gifts…I await your invitation to enter”

With that, a deep well of emotion rose from the depths of my soul and I began to sob. I stood there on the forest road sobbing and sobbing…feeling the pain, the loss and the grief of separation, of having been lost to these Faerie brethren for such a long time. The grief was mine but it was theirs also, grief for all that humankind had inflicted upon them. But the tears held a great poignancy too, for this pain was finally coming to an end. It was time…time at last, for a joyous reconnection.

And then it came…permission to enter. As I tip-toed through the mossy glade, I allowed my body to lead me where the Sidhe beckoned…over the trickling stream…over the fallen tree trunks…through the leafy undergrowth, till at last I reached the spot that I knew was right for my ceremony.

Then I sang…

I sang to them a Song of Love – a Song of Gratitude and Appreciation, a song that asked the Sidhe for forgiveness on behalf of humankind. Out through the clear night air my song rang, and up into the vast canopy of stars that stretched into the infinite Universe above.

The knowing within me then led me to make a large circle of milk and honey around the edge of the mossy glade. As I sang, I offered this endless circle of Love to the Sidhe, as a gift of reparation. After laying the final gift of butter at the base of a giant tree, I stood in the centre of this ceremonial circle. Giving gratitude to the Sidhe, with deep humility I invited them in. And for the next hour I sang to them. The Song of Love from my heart I sang for the Sidhe; I sang for the Trees; I sang for Mankind; and for the foxes, rabbits and deer who called this forest home.

Until it was done.




Only once before have I had an experience akin to this night-time ceremony in the woods, and that was in Uluru, the giant sacred monolith that stands at the red centre Australia. At the time of the rare Venus Transit in 2012 I was called by the ancestors of that place, to do ceremony alone at the foot of Uluru at night, when everyone else had exited the park. There too, I felt my song echo and amplify through the crevices in the ancient rock, up into the vast starry universe above, and out across the desert.

Upon waking the day after my powerful Forest ceremony with the Sidhe, I had a deep knowing that a most important task had been completed. Some beautiful words of confirmation of this came through Steve Pitt. I’d sent Steve a brief message to say that I had indeed done a ceremony with the Sidhe the evening after a black snake-like stick blocked my path.

Steve responded…

“Bless you for the strength you have demonstrated!
You are of course correct that the snake stick marked the division between worlds.
Only ‘one Tuatha de Dannan will survive’.
You have done your task well
You have called the Elven nation to arise.
You have opened the door so that they may cross freely……
For it was your ancestors that closed it many generations ago.
Your family debt has been paid in full.
You will now be able to step fully into your role as ‘Emissary to the One’
(I don’t know why I said that but it just came out)”


I was genuinely shocked it when I read this because I had told Steve nothing about my vision of the Sidhe rising up from beneath the waters of the Lake, or the words that had come out of me in English that day at Devenish….”Arise.. Arise now from your Kingdom beneath the waters. It is time…Arise.” His words confirmed my own intuition as I sang in the forest, that the Sidhe are now emerging once more, to be seen by humans.

Further confirmation of this came from the Sidhe themselves, through the words of John Matthews book, ‘The Sidhe’ I quoted above.

The book held another surprise when it arrived the day before I left Ireland. On opening the package I gasped in disbelief. There, on the front cover, a huge blue spiral swirled from the 3rd Eye of the Sidhe Faerie protaganist. Yet again, as in so many of my other journeys, the Spiral had called  me!




Part of the teachings imparted to John Matthews by his Sidhe messenger, was the gift of the spiral glyph below, and how to work with it. John was told by the Sidhe that it would help give him entry to their world, and allow him to hear the  messages they wished to communicate to him. It was made clear to him that the glyph was not for him alone. The Sidhe wish to encourage others with good intent, to use this powerful symbol.



Sidhe Spiral

The Sidhe Spiral

John’s Sidhe messanger imparted the following about the merging of our two worlds…

“Our realm is not the Otherworld as you would understand it. As I have said, it is closely allied to your own realm. The Otherworld is a place where both races may journey and where they have often mingled in the past. In a sense I am in the Otherworld at this moment, though I appear to be with you. This is possible because both places occupy adjacent spaces and these two spaces overlap. At this moment your world and mine are touching and thus you can see and hear  me. The pattern of the Glyph acts like a magnet, pulling the two worlds closer together so that both may be perceived.

I have spoken of the Great Web that connects all life. It is vital that you learn how to make contact with that form that links us all. Indeed, there are many beings who live between the worlds, and that can pass easily between one and another.

Above all I would say again, be reconneceted to everything. End the state of fragmentation that exists within you and that is everywhere in your world. Only when this has happened will you…once again take your rightful place in the greater whole.”


The Sidhe had one final gift for me before I left Ireland. On at least four occasions during my daily walks there, I had been blessed by a sight of a rainbow arc spanning the heavens, something that never fails to fill my heart with joy. On one of the occasions, I saw what looked like a white rainbow – now that was a first!


A ‘white’ rainbow over Lough Erne


On that last day, as my 94 year-old father and the family gathered around me to say their final goodbyes outside the lakeside hotel where we’d had lunch, low and behold, a huge full spectrum rainbow burst through the clouds!

I think of the Sidhe every day now when I look at their Spiral glyph. I may be far from their Celtic forests and lakes here in Australia, but they remain firmly and forever, embedded in my heart. I know that they will continue to share their ancient wisdom with me, in those moments along the Spiral Pathway when our two worlds meet.

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