The Technology of Sacred Language

Artwork: Alex Gray


I just came across some startling information, new to me, that further highlights the incredible complexity of the bodies we are walking around in! We already know that we have twelve strands of DNA, but only two strands appear to be actively in use, and we also  only utilise about 10% of the capacity of our brain. Our bodies, it seems, are living libraries just waiting to be activated!

“There are reflex points all around the mouth and 84 energy points inside the palate. When we speak, the tongue gently presses on these points, but in no specific order. Naam (sanskrit word for mantra) differs from regular speech in that it causes the tongue to repeatedly press on these points in a special sequence, which is similar to dialing a code on a touchpad. The result is an activation of specific energy channels or meridians in the body, which in turn produces the results embedded in the Naam. For example, by repeating or chanting Ra Ma Da Sa, a Naam designated for healing, we cause the hypothalamus, which sits above the upper palate, to be put into a healing vibratory state. This in turn causes all the homeostatic functions of the body to become balanced, including blood pressure, heart rate, breath and temperature.

In essence, it doesn’t matter what mental, emotional or physical state you currently find yourself in – you can change it. Knowing the correct code, or mantra, can cause anyone to affect extraordinary changes in his/her body and life.”

Reading this information puts a whole new complexion on the effect the ‘Language of Light’ has on my own body while I’m bringing it through, particularly as it often comes through in the form of what appear to be repetitive Tibetan mantras. I have always ‘known’ that the Light Language words are embedded with sacred frequencies that are helping to code us into the Light. This information however, adds another aspect and dimension for me personally, as to the effect of the words and melodies on my body, as the conduit of those frequencies.

This applies equally well to you! Know that every time you speak or sing mantras to meditate or to uplift your spirit, and every time you pray out loud, you are activating specific energy channels within your body.

What a beautiful and mysterious journey of discovery we are all travelling!