Uluru Prophecy – Elders Message





The following message was given to Steve Strong by someone who received it directly form From Uluru. I am posting it in full below.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters

Please read this entire message carefully.

I have been instructed to provide clarity, for a specific shared intention for the Ceremony on the 21st December 2020. This is the intention given directly by Original People, Lore keepers. I am passing on their words.

I share this with pure love and energy, in an effort to provide clarity for those of you wishing to help and positively contribute to the Ceremony, and if you are wondering how you can do that.

Ten years ago, I was directly told, physically and in person, about this Ceremony, it’s purpose, the specific intention and the exact date from an Aunty who is directly involved in the Ceremony

Here is the guidance from Original People, directly involved in this Ceremony. We need to deeply listen and respect those who know exactly what is going on and what this Ceremony is for. They have prepared for this Ceremony for their whole lives. For many, many Generations.

These are their words;

We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention.

The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era of consciousness for Mother, and her children.

To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves.

We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful.

The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children. Us. We need to ensure our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth, and on this specific intention.

With a cleansed body, heart, mind, and soul the intention is:

~ A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energise the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy ~

With this pure intention, you can contribute to the energy of the Ceremony from wherever you are in such a positive way. You need not be at Uluru. You can do this from afar. And it will make a huge difference!! It is the energy the Ceremony needs to be able to work.

As guided from Original People. To cleanse body, heart, mind, and soul the advice is to cleanse with pure water, like waterfalls, the ocean, rain, tank water, river or stream. You can cleanse by Smoking/Smudging your body with Eucalyptus leaves, if using Eucalyptus Leaves I have been advised as from Original Peoples that green Eucalyptus spits burning oil and while you need some green or else it burns without enough smoke, and the whole idea is to make smoke, still to never take leaves off a tree though, always just from the ground. Out of respect for Mother, that’s proper way You can also Smoke/Smudge working with Ethically sourced cleansing plants. The recommendation from Knowledge Keepers (Elders) is Eucalypt, and also Paperbark and the words I was told are that ~ we understand that other people use sage and we want others to feel comfortable so cleanse in their own way White Sage can be used if it works for the individual, as the advice is to “cleanse with what works for them” this is for the individual to decide. This post is only meant to help you and give the advice of Original Peoples that I know who know. Then after cleansing, Meditation. Meditation with the pure intention.

When to Cleanse
The advice is that cleansing needs to start now and keep cleansing until and on the day, there’s that many things to cleanse including negativity and distractions, it will take a good cleansing.


Then the advice to be Meditating daily, or as much as possible, leading up to the Ceremony, and be Meditating beforehand, there is no set time to start Meditation on the 21st December as we are all different individuals so the amount of time before 9.02pm to begin Meditation is up to you, allow as long as it takes to build an intent in our minds. You may need half an hour to an hour of meditation, you need to build the energy to be sent, and then send the clear intention of re-energising pure love and energy to the heart of Mother Earth at 9.02pm at the exact time of the Solstice.

How to send the Intention
When sending the pure love and revitalising energy to the heart of Mother, this energy can be sent through the root of your body and into the songlines, or through the third eye to Uluru, to join the Ceremony energies. Whatever way individuals find suits them is the right way to send the energy. As long as the energy and intent is there at 9.02pm on the 21st December, it shouldn’t matter how it gets there

The intention is pure love to reinvigorate and re-energise the heart of Mot”