Uluru Solstice Ceremony – December 21/22



At 10 am on December 21 at Uluru, all tourists and any not directly participating in a sacred ceremony beginning at 7:32 pm were asked to leave the area immediately. The entire area was then closed for that day and the day after. That sacred ceremony was totally unique and unlike any conducted on this planet. If successful it was designed to energise Uluru and soon after, every sacred site on the planet. What it was meant to do, if it succeeded, was to create what the Mayans prophesised to be “two roads.”. Their belief, and that of many Indigenous tribes throughout the world, was that every incarnated soul had a crucial decision to make, and that choice determines whether they remain on this planet, or leave.

The ceremony succeeded because what the Elders did at the rock was supplemented by over 15,000,000 people who joined them in flooding the planet and Uluru in positive energy and thoughts. Undeniably this all sounds so far-fetched, but the empirical evidence of what actually happened on that day is both substantial and sensational. What occurred at that time and the hours immediately after has been documented, filmed or photographed and is on our web site. Uluru was filmed at 7:36 pm exploding into a massive wave of pure white energy, the grey clouds above transformed into an array of colours never seen before, a UFO was filmed at this time hovering above Uluru, the Schumann Resonance increased one hundred-fold at 7:32 and cylindrical columns of white light were photographed at Newcastle (NSW), Serbia and Glasgow (the local Glasgow newspaper called this phenomenon the “War of the Worlds”).

The Hopi insist that the time of transformation is upon us referring to the correct path ahead as a “fast flowing river” beckoning the enlightened to dive in and celebrate with any who join them. But at the same time the other path on offer is replete with division, mistrust, fear and dread. Now a call has been put out for every soul on this planet to join together once again at the next solstice on December 22 to offer the big red rock meditation and pure positive thoughts in manifesting a wave of reverence and divine energy. It will be the second ceremony and will follow with a third to be held in December 2022 at next solstice at Uluru, which will be the third and final global offering. It is our expectation that at some time soon after the planet will be fully healed and the choice as to which “road” every human must decide to walk upon will be made and the consequences of that decision will see that individual either remain or move on.

We are extending an invitation to join us in this global ceremony, which will be free. The sacred rocks that were in formation at Yulara last year will again be set into one circle. But this time around they will be joined by other sacred devices which will include an Alien skull, an archaic Homo sapien, the femur bone of Nefer-Ti-Ru (who is the Egyptian son of Khufu), his metal talisman of which 24% of the content is not registered on any Earthly Periodic Table and magical rings from Lemurian and Atlantis. It was these artefacts who called up this ceremony and together they are adamant that once the third ceremony is completed this planet will ascend. The only question mark remaining relates to how many of the humans residing on this planet will be allowed to remain once this ascension is completed.

We invite every person to join us as only good will come out of this in doing so, and if ignoring this call and choosing the wrong road you will forfeit the right to stay and must vacate the premises.

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