Uluru Visual Meditation

Uluru Prophecy

The Magick of the New Earth

Awaits inside this prophesy,

A time for everyone to see their true worth,

Bathed and soaked in what some may call fantasy,

Gateways melding into coloured dimensional doors.

Which one will open to the elders call?

A solar flash, codes rushing in,

How will one be able to remain in skin,

With a year that’s been cloaked in fear and sin,

We are told to listen, not question a thing,

While we are made to forget about natures lore’s,

And man continues to create new controlling laws,

We cannot loose the Magick of what is near,

A time of reset, a quantum year, while the matrix crumbles,

Tightly held by the darkness, underground hoping we fall,

But be blessed the chosen ones of light and love,

Continue to amass your consciousness sight,

At the Portal that will free us and create a change in us all,

It will be written about, this time of great change,

As the earth parts, mid point and humans no longer stumble,

A time of prophesy, a Solstice to outdo them all,

Crystals activated by song, our ancestors awakening our cells,

We are free to ascend, rejoice, imagine no more chains to bear,

While in the heart of Australia, our beloved Uluru becomes divine,

New dimensions bathe our being of light, becoming free to shine,

Resetting the mighty New Earth to compassion, peace and love,

Abundance and kindness, gratitude and a place of care,

Hope resides in a Prophesy 21st December 2020,

Live, love in each moment to this coming date,

Because what if it were true and even if not,

Our existence is frail and we must change no matter what.

Inside we must go to find our own dreaming,

Uluru, time to capture all the magick essence she has got.

Wendy Everett:  manymoonflowers@yahoo.com.au