Workshop Testimonials & Photos

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What People Have Experienced at Lia’s Events

“Lia, your gathering last week was amazing. I have had a serious heart condition for the last eight years. The morning after your healing and since, I have not experienced any of the regular discomfort or pain that I usually do on a daily basis. In fact my heart feels so light! I feel like I don’t have a heart problem! I thank you for the amazing and wonderful work that you do. I am so blessed to be the receiver of the healing.”
Anna Tulloh

“Lia, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening which was most significant in my journey. I thank you for being the conduit of my re-connection with lost aspect of my soul. The Light phenomena in the photos really sum up the energy we all experienced, and how the Waves of Love of Source penetrated deeply through every level of our Beingness.”
Simone Matthews – Universal Life Tools

“Lia, I have been to a few of your evenings but this was the deepest I have ever gone. From the time I walked in the door, I felt I was in a deep, deep meditation, I found it difficult to keep my eyes open, but heard and felt everything. The energy was amazing! Thank you Lia for what you do. I have had great shifts from the evening and feel very blessed. Many I spoke to feel the same way. In love and much Gratitude.”                      Nay Jean Crystal 

“When I met you and was blessed to hear your singing, something shifted inside for me. I had never heard the ‘Language of Light’ sung in person – only on Youtubes and it’s definitely not the same. It so touched my soul. It had to do with your vibration as a healer as well. I felt so blessed and grateful.”                                                                                         Evy McPherson

SStone channelling-500x286

“Lia, what a wonderful and beautiful evening it was – the ceremonial sacredness of the whole experience. Actually I think it started from the moment I arrived because when I went to my room (I stayed at the Centre) it felt like it was filled with energies. As I felt tired, I lay down to have a rest. It was like I was in a dream but awake at the same time, and then all of a sudden I was surrounded by the Ascended Masters and ‘Solar’ was there too. They were saying how happy they were to see me – happy that I had come. It was amazing! When I came out of the dream tears were rolling down my face, I felt all this excitement about what was about to occur.

It felt like something very special happened that night – it definitely did for me. The energy of ‘Solar’ was so full of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance. It felt like the whole room was filled to the brim with compassion. I truly felt at a very deep level, the sense of ‘Oneness’ with everyone who was there. I feel like I am still there in that room and that I don’t want this feeling and the experience of the whole night to ever go away, to ever end.

To watch what you were doing at the altar was amazing. It was like you became ‘other worldly’. Actually the whole room felt ‘other worldly’….I didn’t feel as though I was really there! It was like I was somewhere else – like maybe I’d gone ‘home’ for a while. At the end of the evening I just couldn’t say anything…I just wanted to savour it all. Thank you Lia and ‘Solar’, and whoever that being is that comes through him. Like I said before, he truly is a ‘Grand Master of the Highest Order’ and I have such a knowing of him.”
Cheryl Goodsell 

Solar Eclipse Solar

“Dear Lia, thank you for another amazing evening. I could feel the powerful energy connection from above and at times, with strong heat flashes, so maybe it was a cleansing? I love all the wisdom you share. I have been feeling the letting go and riding the wave of faith and hope. We took so long to leave because my 10 year-old daughter Kala was busy at the altar communing with ‘Solar’s’ energies!”                                          Annie Devine

“I was there and I bear witness to the “Lightness” present during the evening, which is carried within each of our hearts and beaming out into our surrounds wherever we are now. Thank you Lia, and thank you all who were there to experience the common-unity of souls.”
Mary Schell

“Lia, there are no words to thank you for what you give to us each and every time. Such love and beauty cannot be described by mere words of this, our language. I hope you know that your purpose is so needed, and so very much appreciated as you deliver it all with so much love. I wanted to share this passage from ‘The Keys of Enoch’ with you. These words jumped out to share with you as they describe your gift to the world, which is just so precious and so very much needed at this time…

“The energy words are to be used to code your body directly into the light. They also provide the sound vibrations of greeting and protection. To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages or some other language, would deprive consciousness of a direct experience with the power of the sacred language. Transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse, which is similar to the symphonic song of a musical masterpiece transposed out of its original key into a strange cacophony.”
Teodora Schembari 

“The meditation evening with the crystal skulls was so powerful. My profound experience started as soon as you anointed me and it continued during the meditation when you placed your arms around me and spoke the Sirian language. My heart overflowed with such love and the tears came. Your CDs too, have had such an impact on me. Thank you for being a guidepost on my journey.”
LLa’Rah Star


“During the meditation, I saw what I thought was my chakras being swirled around below me to my left and they didn’t seem to be the ‘normal’ colours – I have problems with my left side from my waist down to my thigh area. Last night I slept like a log!!  You don’t know how wonderful that was for me, as every night I wake when I turn in bed when my side gets uncomfortable. Not to wake up once, to me is amazing! You have a beautiful voice, so clear and yet so resonant – it reverberates to one’s very core. “
Betty Templeton  

“Lia, what a week it has been. Many blessings to you and much heart felt thanks for holding this magical event so that we could all experience what we did. Most of the ceremony I spent in a altered state and it seemed as though there was a influx of pure energy coming in through my crown and activating the pineal glad area (it was so bright and pure). When you were singing round the room it seemed  as though your voice was multidimensional, piercing and stirring the soul on a very deep level.

The next day seemed to be full of emotion – releases from the throat chakra and heart, in realisation of how blocked we have been as a species, and that how lucky I am to have the courage to step out and venture into what I call ‘unchartered waters’. I have been deeply moved in ways that cannot be explained. On the way home in the plane, I experienced lots of emotion. I cried when I took off, but then had a vision of yourself and ‘Solar’ comforting me and advising that you are always with me in spirit, which moved me very deeply. Lia I truly can’t explain in words my full experiences over the last few days – there aren’t enough words on this earth plane to describe it.

Continued 2 months later…

 “I fist came across your work when you released your ‘Crystal Keys’ album. I shared this music with others and they weren’t really interested. However, since coming to see ‘Solar’ and yourself in Cairns, everyone who I share the experience with – particularly those who I had shared your work with before – are now so drawn to it, asking me where to get your albums etc. It is almost like some sort of block was removed by my adventure up to Cairns.

So many synchronicities and big experiences are happening for me now! Some very big fear blocks were removed on that night, which has allowed me to move forward so much. It’s remarkable to see the change. One of the big events I’m heading to is the ‘Reconnecting Gondwana’ conference at Ullaru in November, where elders and wisdom keepers from around the world will meet there. I had a clear knowing that I had to be there, but this time without the FEAR factor.

I am so deeply grateful and privileged that our paths have crossed – to witness how fully you have stepped into your work and how you are allowing others to experience the high level Light Language you transmit. I seem to understand and grasp spiritual teachings and life lessons much more easily than before my Cairns adventure. I have so longed for this connection through many lifetimes since that great fall of Atlantis, which is now once again being birthed here in this earth plane. Such a honour it is, to be a alive at this time.”
Kylie O’Hanlon


“The ‘Sounds of Source’ event in Yandina was incredibly powerful and beautiful…so much love and connection. My heartfelt thank you for your commitment to sacredness and service and your strength of focus, openness and Love in bringing through these true energies. Much love and gratitude.”
Belinda Pate Mc Donald – Queensland

“Lia, I have been in a kind of in a daze for three days since the crystal skull event. I feel so at peace within myself and the world….just this beautiful inner peace.”

 “I was astounded by the clarity and range of Lia’s voice. At times I felt as though I was listening to a harmonic choir and then her low toning resonated like a crystal bowl that I could feel vibrating through me. I had to keep reminding myself that it was not a CD or someone playing the bowls. The purity of her voice and the interchange between toning, speaking, singing and silence was so beautiful – an experience will stay with me for a long time. I could feel stagnation disintegrating from around my hips and legs, dropping down into the earth. I felt peaceful and serene.

Each attendee had a personal experience and although we may not have understood the Language literally (although one lady said she did), we could certainly feel the meaning behind the words and sounds. Pure love and compassion cannot be mistaken in any language. The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to all – our soul recognise the messages they carry.”
Michelle McGrath


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing night at the Harmony Body & Mind centre. The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are such powerful, sacred blessings – a truly sacred gift to mankind. The healing that I experienced had a profound effect on me. I feel that last night was just the beginning of a deep spiritual insight, despite my being on this path for the past 15years! It was definitely one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I thank you from the depths of my soul.”
Eve Thomas

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, in Melbourne with the crystal skulls. I can remember the looks on the faces of all who attended the crystal skull evening due to the energetic changes that had taken place. Many of us were so excited and transformed that it was difficult to go home! On a personal note, the evening was the last stage in my transformation out of difficult karmic, past life experiences in Mayan lands. It also answered a life-long puzzle about recurring skull nightmares in my childhood, and released associated traumas from my cellular memory. I’ve been going through a major transformation for many, many years and can now truly embrace being reborn after your evening provided the finishing touches.”
Michelle Proctor

“Thank you for the beautiful evening in Sydney with the crystal skulls. When you placed your hand on my shoulder whilst channelling The ‘Sounds of Sirius’, I felt an amazing vibration go through my whole body…it was very powerful and very healing.”
Kathy Staines


“Thank you for such a inspirational and transformational day – simply Divine! As a friend and I drove up to Kuranda listening to your CD the next day I could feel the integration, as your voice and magical words penetrated every cell of my being. Today I feel completely new and ready! You felt so familiar to me and you truly transported me ‘home’. The Sirian/Atlantian/Egyptian energy all superimposed over each other, bringing a culmination of lifetimes together, in such a sacred and very special day. How blessed we are…thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“What an absolute joy it was to meet you and participate in your wonderful evening at at Nerang with your magical skulls. Exciting, fascinating, informative and insightful – a deeply touching, emotional experience. I truly felt the deep love, the peace and the connection. Your ceremonies and meditation were an experience to treasure and cherish as the very special inspirational gift that they were. The emotions I felt and the images I saw the whole night made it a magical, once in a lifetime experience. The language and tones brought tears to my eyes, touched my heart and left me feeling so light, free, loved, enlightened and at peace. It has been my honour and privilege to have met you Lia and to learn from your wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. I feel truly blessed and grateful. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us.”                                               Karen Low


Lia, I came to your skull meeting in Melbourne last year and I have been feeling the best I have in years since that 13th June. On that night when you channelled, I heard that I was trusting the wrong people. A huge shift happened. I ended a lot of friendships that were draining me and I really began living a lot more. Instead of running to find acceptance, it is coming to me, and it’s real.”
Glen Pendlebury

“Thank you so much for your beautiful presentation last night. Bev and I were very moved. I felt tears flowing while the toning was happening – there was just such a beautiful connection with the Being who was toning through you. I saw many wonderful visions and my crystal is just radiating joy, after being on the altar. My friend said it is something she will remember for a long time to come.”                                                      Trudie Moore – Sydney


“Lia, I thank you for your inspirational workshop at Nerang. I have since started facilitating healing groups at my home, incorporating your channelled CDs. The healing responses from my students have been truly remarkable, particularly one lady, who is working on dissolving her cancer”.

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful, amazing evening with the skulls. Everyone received a profound healing in some way. The skull said to me I would receive a gift of toning and I felt a lot of energy around my throat. Next day when I began to sing and chant, two of the ladies in my group commented on how my voice sounded so much better than before, so I have obviously had a huge shift in the throat. I shall be ever grateful to you and Jomcata Mayab.”


“Thank you for a wonderful meeting with the crystal skulls. In the meditation I saw all sorts of faces, which I believe to be my past lives. It was as if they all came to say goodbye – as if everything of my past lives was being cleared. It was a wonderful feeling…I felt like I was being opened up to finally be able to do what I am meant to do – help other people to heal. When you were standing in front of me channelling, a bright white energy flowed over and through me. You touched my chest, where I had problems with my lymph glands, and my throat. You also sang a high ringing sound in both my ears. I was starting to get a hearing problem lately. It was amazing that you felt exactly which body parts needed healing and you sent your energy there. After the meeting I spoke to the man who told me that he never had a strong experience of energy like that ever before. I am so glad I met you and felt your loving energy.”
Trudy Meertens – Cairns

“I wanted to share with you that I now am a channel for a wonderful language coming through me. I have been told it is the language of light and I know it shifts energy amazingly. I use it with my Orion healing and it is so beautiful. I am very grateful. I feel that my session with you had something to do with my opening up to it.”
Colleen Clark


Crystal Transformation

Many people who attend Lia’s events discover physical changes in the appearance of their crystals.

 “Lia, I attended your Crystal Skull workshop on Good Friday. I had my completely clear quartz crystal pendulum in my handbag that morning, which since then has filled with wonderful striations. It looks like it has a spider web inside and it feels like it has woken up! I have asked the pendulum to encode all my crystals at home, so they are currently all sitting happily together ‘waking up’ . This was a ‘coming home’ experience for me. Amazing! Thank you for opening us to the skull energy.”
Di Clarke

“Thank you for an awesome ceremony! I noticed this morning that the crystal skull Brett caretakes has changed his colour – it is much clearer. I’ve seen this with some of my crystal children before, but never with a crystal skull…I felt so blessed to see this.”      
Heather Rabbich

“Lia, I’m looking at my crystal that I had in the circle last night and it now has the appearance of  a skull??!!                                                                                                          Michele         

Actually, there are at least two skull images in Michele’s crystal!

kuranda - Skull transformation

Can you see the deep wide-set eyes, the nose and the mouth?


And inside the larger skull,  is another ancient looking, Crystal Being

 At Lia’s 12.12.12  event in Cairns with ‘The Master Skull Solar’, the cosmic energies of Source were captured forever in stone on the night. A young couple from Malanda brought a very large generator crystal to adorn Solar’s altar, and were dumbstuck to find that the crystal had been imprinted with a giant heart during the ceremonies!


Light Phenomena

Many people also capture unusual and extraordinary phenomena such as Orbs and dimensional ‘bleeding’ in photos taken during the events. Here are some examples of the extraordinary phenomena  captured by attendees at some of Lia’s events.

Dimen Blur 3   Dimensional Blur 2 Dimensional Blur 1

Dramatic dimensional bleeding of ‘Solar’, Lia and altar in Ravenshoe at ‘Solar’s’ first public event – September 2012. Notice the golden arrows and code-link golden ‘squiggles’ in all of these photos


Similar dimensional bleeding and Light phenomena captured in Cairns, Australia at ‘Solar’ and Lia’s 12.12. 12 event in Cairns


Lia -AuraPhoto Gold Coastmilyhaze01

Two Aura app photos taken at the Gold Coast and the Yandina ‘Sounds of Source’ events


St Germaine’s Violet Flame surrounds ‘Solar’ as he sits within a copper pyramid in Ravenshoe, Australia

Solar  Violet Ray_2

‘Solar’ again bathed in the Violet Flame energy at Kuranda ‘Sounds of Source’ event

fb7 2411

At Lia’s April 22nd 2014 event in Cairns, this extraordinary griding of Light around Lia and the altar, was captured.

 fb7 2397On the same night, a giant Light Orb appeared between Lia and sacred mandala artist Clive Walters.

The ‘Sounds of Sirius ‘ Live Experience

Most people who attend Lia’s events and hear the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ in person are deeply moved by the experience. They describe her voice as being like a crystal bowl with layer upon layer of harmonics. Many say that her voice has a multi-dimensional quality that cannot fully be captured on the digital technology of compact disc. If you have the opportunity to experience Lia’s songs and Light Language in a live setting, don’t hesitate! It is something absolutely unique that cannot be replicated.