Workshops and Group Meditations

The Sounds of Sirius CDs provide an excellent healing tool for any group work, such as meditation. Let these channelled sounds lead you on a profound inner journey, amplified by the energy and ‘one-ness’ of the group oversoul.

“When I facilitate a meditation class I normally channel the meditation. However, I had just received your new CD in the shop and was being literally nagged by my guidance to put it on for that evenings meditation class – something I have never done before! It was difficult for me to do but I honoured myself and explained to the class that this evening would be different. I advised the class to just go with it – to listen, to imagine and to connect with their inner child. Everyone had a profound experience and had a lot of healing. Thank you”  Wini Beanland

Lia, I’d like to thankyou for the gift of “The Sounds of Sirius”. I use the series during my Isis Lotus/Egyptian energy healings and both clients and other practitioners I have introduced to your work comment on the divine presence and re-membrance your work invokes. You have given us a great gift….”
Gihan Kaneel

“Lia, I put on your ‘Diamond Light Meditation for Women’ during the ‘Firing of the Grid’ world meditation. I felt as if the meditation was personally for me (my surname is Diamond, as well!). When I felt that the hour for ‘Firing the Grid must be almost up, I looked at the clock and it said 10.11pm – the exact time the meditation was supposed to end. At that very moment your voice switched to English and said “It is done…it is done”. How amazing is that?!!” Dawn Diamond

The Sounds of Sirius and individual Healing Therapies

Many therapists find that, using the Sounds of Sirius CDs as a musical backdrop with their own work, will bring their clients into a much deeper state of receptivity. The music adds a profound depth and ‘other dimensional’ quality to the healing that takes place. As most of the Sounds of Sirius CDs are approximately one hour long, they fit beautifully with therapies such as massage or Reiki.

“I am a practitioner in Reconnective Healing and a Reiki Master. ‘Starsong’ is the only CD I use when I am doing a session with a client. I absolutely love it! I have had amazing results with my energy work and I feel that the CD is a major contributor to the healings that my clients are able to achieve.  Lynda Atkins – Reiki Master

“I have used Starsong many times in healings on people to their profound enlightenment. The reason I use it so frequently is because it changes the conscious awareness to a point where they float to another level, thereby opening themselves up to accepting the healing. The results these people achieve are far more potent when using the CD than when not using it. The outcome is the many physical benefits experienced by those who have undergone the healings. Lia, your guidance in producing this gem has definitely come from a divine connection, which you have successfully manifested in this beautiful creation”.
James Stephen

“I absolutely adore the Starsong CD and use it for my Reiki treatments and workshops. Thank you for the most beautiful, haunting work”,
Jackie J

Lightworkers and the Sounds of Sirius

As we move forward together, out of separateness and into the ‘one’, the Sounds of Sirius are also given for the support of other Lightworkers and Healers. As the vibration of the individual therapist is raised, he/she, in turn, may touch others in a more profound way.

The sacred Harmonics of the Sounds of Sirius can help to re-activate remembrance of ancient wisdom, bring new levels of insight and understanding of one’s life purpose and initiate one into one’s soul’s gifts. This communion of the Lightworker with the Divine, may take place in the context of the group or on an individual one-to-one basis, with Lia.

The Sounds of Sirius at your Workshop or Meditation Group

As well as facilitating her own workshops, Lia may also be available to personally channel the Sounds of Sirius by her attendance at your Meditation group or workshop. As the sacred melodies and language of Sirius flow through the hearts of all present, the Group Oversoul is activated in a new and heightened way, so that your work together may expand and deepen. Each member of the group also receives their own personal experience of the Divine Harmonics, gifted to them in that moment through Lia’s individual work with them.

What peope have experienced…

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, in Melbourne, with the crystal skulls. I can remember the looks on the faces of all who attended the crystal skull evening due to the energetic changes that had taken place. Many of us were so excited and transformed that it was difficult to go home! On a personal note, the evening was the last stage in my transformation out of difficult karmic, past life experiences in Mayan lands. It also answered a life-long puzzle about recurring skull nightmares in my childhood, and released associated traumas from my cellular memory. I’ve been going through a major transformation for many, many years and can now truly embrace being reborn after your evening provided the finishing touches.”
Michelle Proctor – Melbourne

“The meditation evening with the crystal skull was so powerful. My profound experience started as soon as you anointed me and it continued during the meditation when you placed your arms around me and spoke the Sirian language. My heart overflowed with such love and the tears came. Your CDs too, have had such an impact on me. Thank you for being a guidepost on my journey….Love and Blessings”
LLa’Rah Star – Melbourne

“What an absolute pleasure and joy it was to meet you and participate in your wonderful evening at at Nerang. Thank you for welcoming me to share your magical skulls and your stunning ‘Cosmic Integration’ sacred silk cloth. The evening was exciting, fascinating, informative and insightful – a deeply touching, emotional experience. I truly felt the deep love, the peace and the connection. Your ceremonies and meditation were an experience to remember always, to treasure and cherish, as the very special inspirational gift that they were. I feel truly blessed and grateful. The emotions I felt, the pictures/images I saw…the whole night was a phenomenal, magical, once in a lifetime experience. For me, the meditation was a totally sensory experience – extremely personal, emotional and inspirational. The language and tones brought tears to my eyes, touched my heart and left me feeling so light, free, loved, enlightened and at peace. I am very much looking forward to hearing of your huge success, raising awareness and sharing your gift worldwide. It has been my honour and privilege to have met you Lia and to learn from your wealth of knowledge, wisdom, personal experience and expertise. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us”.
Karen Low – Gold Coast

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing night at the Harmony Body & Mind centre – it was absolutely wonderful. Lia, you are an incredible woman. The Sounds of Sirius are such powerful, sacred blessings – a truly sacred gift to mankind. The healing that I experienced really had a profound effect on me. I feel that last night was just the beginning of a deep spiritual insight, despite my being on this path for the past 15years! It was definitely one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I thank you from the depths of my soul and look forward to experiencing more of these beautiful meditations in the future.
PS I can’t stop listening to your CD’s!”
Eve Thomas – Gold Coast

“Thank you SO much for your beautiful presentation last night. Bev and I were very moved. I felt tears flowing while the toning was happening, and there was just such a beautiful connection with the being who was toning. I saw many wonderful visions and my crystal is just radiating joy, after being on the altar. My friend Jo also had a wonderful experience too, and said its something she will remember for a long time to come”.
Trudie Moore – Sydney

“Lia, I thank you for your inspirational workshop at Nerang. I have since started facilitating healing and meditation groups at my home, incorporating the Goddess energies with your channelled CDs. The healing responses from my beautiful students has been truly remarkable. Particularly one lady, who is working on dissolving her cancer”.
Suzanne – Gold Coast

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful workshop last night and the opportunity to experience your toning in person and to connect to the energies of Jomcata Mayab. (I have 2 of your CDs – bought last year). The collective energies of all the beings there -humans included- made for a powerful experience. Much love and warmest wishes.”
Selma Iliffe – Gold Coast

“Lia, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening last Wednesday. It was most significant in my journey, and I thank you for being the conduit of my re-connection with lost aspect of my soul. My entire Love…”
Simone Matthews – Brisbane

“Thank you for a magical evening….I felt deeply connected to all that is and the energies of the Crystal Skulls. The nurturing nature of the Sirian channeling was deeply moving. With appreciation…”
Bett Holmes – Gold Coast

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful, amazing evening with the skulls. I am told everyone received a profound healing in some way. The skull said to me I would receive a gift of toning and there was a lot of energy around my throat. This lasted until the next day when I had my group. I began to sing/chant etc. It all lifted after that. Two of the ladies in my group commented on how my voice sounded so much better than before, so I have had a huge shift in the throat obviously. I shall be ever grateful to you and Jomcata Mayab! With many thanks and gratitude love..”
Vanessa – Gold Coast

“Thank you so much for such a inspirational and transformational day – simply Divine! The process continued through Saturday. As a friend and I drove up to Mareeba/Kuranda while listening to your CD, I could feel the integration, as your voice and magical words penetrated every cell of my being. Today I feel completely new and ready! I love the way the evolution process unfurls and the synchronicity that leads you to where you need to be – as with your workshop. It was lovely to meet with you again…. Although it was the first time in this lifetime, you felt so familiar to me and you truly transported me home. The Sirian/Atlantian/Egyptian energy all superimposed over each other, bringing a culmination of lifetimes together, in such a sacred and very special day. How blessed we are and thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Alannah – Cairns

Lia, I came to your skull meeting in Melbourne last year. I have been feeling the best in years since 13th June. It was about a year ago now and I wanted to let you know that I met my partner three days after the event. His energy has been helping to heal some of the things I spoke about that came up during the meditation. On that night when you chanelled, i heard that I was trusting the wrong people. A huge shift happened. I ended a lot of friendships that were draining me, and I really began living a lot more. Instead of running to find acceptance, it is coming to me, and it’s real! I am really seeing and hearing and feeling my reality – it is not just some ‘vision’. I just wanted to share this with you…Light and love
Glen Pendlebury

Thank you for a wonderful meeting last Friday with you and the crystal skulls and the lovely people that were present. I felt a lot of energy coming from the biggest skull, hitting me like a heavy wind, and I felt her sense of humour too, which made me smile! I also felt a pang of sadness, that passed very quickly. In the meditation I saw all sorts of faces, which I believe to be my past lives. It was as if they all came to say goodbye – as if everything of my past lives was being cleared. It was a wonderful feeling, I felt like I was being opened up to finally be able to do what I am meant to do – help other people to heal. I felt I got help to trust myself and my abilities. When you were standing in front of me channelling Lia, a bright white energy flowed over and through me. It felt really good, cheerful, reassuring. You touched my chest, where I had problems with my lymph glands, and my throat. I know I have to speak my mind more. You also sang a high ringing sound in both my ears. I was starting to get a hearing problem lately. It was amazing that you felt exactly which body parts needed healing and you sent your energy there. Thank you very much for that ! After the meeting I spoke to the man called Tom. We hugged and shared our energy. He told me that he never had a strong experience of energy like that before. Isn’t that great! Thank you again. I am so glad I met you and felt your loving energy.
Trudy Meertens – Cairns

Lia, I attended your Crystal Skull workshop on Good Friday. I had my, completely clear, clear quartz pendulum in my handbag on that morning and since then it is filled with wonderful striations. It looks like it has a spider web inside and it feels like it has woken up. I kept my crystals in my handbag as I felt the energy of the skulls extended way beyond the boundary of the square on the floor so there was no need to place them there. I have asked the pendulum to encode all my crystals at home and it has agreed, so they are currently all sitting happily together – “waking up”. A friend of mine, who was also at the workshop, is experiencing the same with her quartz pendulum. Towards the end of your meditation I saw and felt my reality shift as if I was on and of, moving energy. I also felt and saw myself become like a mermaid and then like a dolphin. It felt so effortless moving through the cosmos. This was a “coming home” experience for me. Amazing! Thank you for opening us to the skull energy. Love…
Di Clarke – Cairns

Lia, I wanted to let you know I was kind of in a daze for 3 days after the crystal skull day. Sort of like when I had Reiki done on me which is many years ago. I feel at peace within myself and the world….just this inner peace. You were right about Good Friday, the Equinox and the Mayan New Year being a time of new beginnings. I had a business relationship come to an end the day before the crystal skull event. I thought when it ended how appropriate the timing was. The relationship was fraught with frustration but I am glad still that I had this person entered my life. I have learnt from the experience and it just makes me wiser for the next time round.
Jacine – Townsville

Good day to you Lia! My Name is Sonia, l attended your sound healing/Crystal Skull group on Good Friday, and it is with much gratitude and appreciation for your gift that l now say “thank you”. It was a beautiful experience and one l will not forget. I have just started my true spiritual journey and am amazed at the beautiful people l am meeting along the way. I hope, if l am lucky, to meet with you again one day. Till then, Blessings and In Lak’ech
Sonia – Cairns

“Your crystal skull event had a great turn-out. I especially enjoyed the meditation. Surmising that everyone else was deeply in meditation too, I allowed myself to go with the flow and hence, experienced fantastic inner colours that were like liquid flowing toward and into me. I’m glad I was finally able to speak and ask you about my experience of my hands being moved by the energy. Your explanation confirmed that I was definitely on the right wavelength. All those I spoke to after the event gave glowing reports. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to being of assistance if ever you decide to repeat the Crystal Skull event, or put on any other event. Thank you so much for choosing Chrysalis as your venue. It was a pleasure to have you and the energies you invoke”.
Christine – Cairns

“Lia, thank you for last Wednesday night. Your healing with the Divine Mother was profound – a true awakening. I resonate strongly with the Sirian energies so it was a gift to be present. I look forward to your future workshops. Please let me know when you are back in Brisbane. PS.I love my new crystal skull! Blessings, Love and all good things”.
Nicole – Brisbane

“Thank you for the beautiful evening in Sydney in the Sirius Bullding with the crystal skulls. I travelled from Canberra to participate in the lovely energies. I wanted to let you know that when you placed your hand on my shoulder whilst channelling The Sounds of Sirius, I felt an amazing vibration go through my whole body…it was very powerful and very healing….”
Kathy Staines – Sydney

“Lia, meeting you in Melbourne was a unique experience for me at a very special time in my life. I was drawn back to your stand by an overwhelming sense of connection, to which I did not have an answer, until that evening when I googled ‘Sirius’. I gather there is a link between the Sirians and the ancient sun god RA? I have the eye of RA tattooed on my right shoulder! I have played your CD, ‘Breath of Life’, in my car since I purchased it and I have had growing feeling of rebirth. I am going through some major changes in my life and you have become an important link in my journey to an unknown but inevitable future!, There’s something in place that is guiding us all in a certain direction – of that I am certain!”
Ed Catmul – Melbourne

I wanted to share with you, that I now am a channel for a wonderful language coming through me. I have been told it is the language of light and I know it shifts energy amazingly. I use it with my Orion healing and it is so beautiful. I am very grateful – I feel that my session with you had something to do with my opening up to it. Thank you”.
Colleen Clark – Gold Coast

Many thanks for your presentation and meditation last night. During the meditation, I saw what I thought was my chakras being swirled around below me to my left and they didn’t seem to be the ‘normal’ colours – I have problems with my left side from my waist down to my thigh area. Last night I slept like a log!! You don’t know how wonderful that was for me, as every night I wake when I turn in bed, which I do when my side gets uncomfortable. Not to wake up once, to me is amazing!! I have played the ‘Starsong’ again and look forward to many pleasant and relaxing hours with it, in the future. You have a beautiful voice, so clear and yet so resonant – it reverberates to one’s very core.
Many thanks again….may you always be in Love and Light,
Betty Templeton – Perth

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