December 26, 2013

Healing the Waters of Fukusima


Dear Friends,

A couple of days ago on Dec 16th, I left Cairns just after 7am to make a pilgrimage up the mountain to the village of Ravenshoe which rests at the highest geographical point in Queensland. Sitting behind me in the back passenger seat, was The Master Skull Solar. I could not have wished for a better companion for the journey and for the day that lay ahead.

The motivation for this expedition was the video message from The Little Grandmother that I shared with you last month. Keisha spoke about the fallout of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and she urged us to work with our crystals to heal the irradiated waters of Japan. Scientists have already recorded a noticeable improvement to the water after crystals programmed with Love were placed in the radio-active tanks.

As a result of sharing this message, a plan was devised that on my return from anchoring the ‘Sounds of Source Pillar of Light’ in Sydney, a group of us would gather together at Enuma Elish, Wendy Everett and her husband Johnny’s property in Ravenshoe, to create a Crystal Grid for the specific purpose of sending Love and Healing to the Waters of Fukushima and the Planet. Central to the creation or this grid would be the presence of The Master Skull Solar and Liz Ferris’s 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals.

As I exited the driveway of our home in Cairns, the skies opened to torrential rain which I felt was symbolic of the cleansing of the Fukushima waters about to take place. My channel opened too and remained so for the next three hours as I sang to the land till arriving in Ravenshoe. This clearly was going to  be a very important day.

This was ‘Solar’s’ second visit to Enuma Elish having been welcomed there last year by Wendy and Johnny, who are both deeply connected to his energy.


Wendy and Johnny

By 10am we were all assembled on the huge deck of the house for the first powerful ceremony of the day.  There could have been no more perfect place than this magnificent 37 acre property for the task we were about to undertake. Not only did it afford us complete privacy, but its rainforest and creek, its great rocks and birdlife all became an integral part of the energy unfoldment.

With the potent aroma of Frankincense filling the air, Wendy invited us to take our seats in the sacred circle. Thirteen of us had gathered – a key number in sacred geometry and one that also reflects the 13 Crystal Skulls of ancient legend. No accident in that, I think!

After reminding us of why we had assembled, Wendy handed over to Malcolm Bell who is a medium and trance channel for a Wise and loving Ascended Master called ‘Aranuth’, and other Great Beings of Love and Light who come to offer gifts of guidance, advice and insight.

Malcolm Bell

As soon as Malcolm began to channel, I felt a wave of  powerful energy course through me, as has happened on the other occasions when Malcolm and I have sat together. I was immediately catapulted into an other-dimensional space and felt my ‘Higher Self’ take up full residence and jurisdiction of my physical body. I knew at once that the Beings who were working with Malcolm in that moment, were in partnership with the Beings who were working with me, and that together they had a very potent message to offer us.

Malcolm’s message came from Aranuth and the Crystal Light Beings, who spoke at length about the properties of the crystalline realm and the innate Light that emanates from every crystal. They spoke about how this Light is ever present, and of how brilliant and beautiful this Light is if only we could see it. They said that regardless of whatever strata within the earth or on top of the earth the crystal may reside in, that one of the main qualities of this Light is its healing aspect. What happens when we humans work with crystals they said, is extraordinary. If we work with a crystal with focused intent, its Light is amplified exponentially.

Read Malcolm’s channelled message in full



The energy and ‘knowing’ I experienced as these Beings spoke through Malcolm was incredible. I became aware that the Higher Self who now inhabited my body, was turning to Malcolm at specific junctures, to nod in agreement and accordance with the words coming through him. The Beings working with me were confirming that the statements being made were in truth. It’s a difficult thing to explain what its like being a ‘conscious channel’…one part of you is in trance but there’s another aspect of oneself that is still consciously aware and able to observe and record to a certain degree, what is taking place.

When the message from Aranuth and the Crystal Beings through Malcolm was complete, those Ones working with me moved in powerfully and seamlessly to continue the discourse. A most commanding message in spoken and sung Light Language was delivered, followed by a message in English about the great importance of our gathering.

It is very unusual for me to channel an extended message in English. I have little memory of the detail of what was said but the gist of it was that this meeting had been planned for many eons, and that it was absolutely no accident that we were here today to perform this sacred task of bringing healing and transformation to the waters of the Planet. A clear instruction was given that there was no need for us to ‘think’ about this task or about how to do it. Instead, we were guided to join hands  right there and then in our circle of Light, and urged to envision our hearts connected one to the other. It was in this way, heart to heart, that we would manifest the perfect unfoldment of our undertaking.

At the conclusion of the opening ceremony we moved to another location on the property. Down the hill below the house beside the running creek, Wendy and Johnny have cleared the land and created a large Medicine Wheel, flanked by an impressive tree trunk and stone totem.


The grove had already been prepared for our arrival. Wendy’s new Pow Wow drum was ensconced under its own special tent, along with other tom tom drums which were manned in relays throughout the day, by various members of the team who felt the call!

fb7 363

Underneath another small marquee stood a table laden with delicious homemade food, for the nourishment of the crystal mandala artists!

Luckily, Johnny has cleared a road to this beautiful sacred space, which allowed me to drive the 33 kilo ‘Master Skull Solar’ into close proximity to where he would sit for his role in the day’s proceedings! Wendy had already marked the spot  where Solar would take up residence as the ‘head’ of the Cosmic Crystal Butterfly grid we were about to create.


Before proceeding with the main task of the day, we performed another ceremony  in the Medicine Wheel. As each person entered the Wheel, they were smudged with sage, and cleansed and fortified with Lilypily – a plant known for it’s extreme strength and endurance. We called in the Guardians of the Cardinal Directions, along and the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water to support us. As Wendy called on the Water element, a gentle rain began to fall, giving us  joyous confirmation that we were in the Divine flow.

fb7 359

Several large mounds of Lemurian Seed crystals were piled up awaiting our attention, so with our hearts focused on Fukusima as the Guides had instructed, and on the cleansing of its irradiated waters, for the next several hours we surrendered and allowed magic to happen.

Radiating out from ‘The Master Skull Solar’



and the dramatic butterfly body behind him



Four beautiful Butterfly wings began to take shape, each one with its own individual character…


Then came the heart-shaped butterfly ‘tail’


And the butterfly’s proboscis…


Each Butterfly wing featured one of the Sounds of Source Master Source Stones. Those of you who have been following the anchoring of the ‘Sounds of Source Pillars of Light’ will know that these five Master Source Stones are integral to every ‘Sounds of Source’ event. In the days leading up to our Ravenshoe gathering, I was told by Spirit that these Source Stones should be part of the Crystal mandala we were to create, as they would pull in the powerful energy of the four Sounds of Source Pillars of Light already anchored. These Lapis Stones would connect the Fukushima Crystal Grid to the Sounds of Source Sacred Indigo Crystalline Grid already expanding throughout Australia and the Globe.

Master Stone 1 in the Egyptian Wing!


Master Stone 2 in the Diamond Infinity Wing


Master Stone 3 in the Rainbow Heart Wing


Master Stone 4 in the Sun/Moon Wing


Master Stone 5 – which is the Stone I hold to help me bring through the  in the Sounds of Source Transmissions – sat between ‘Solar’

fb7 440

and my beautiful Kriss Sword Skull wand.

fb7 451

Another very powerful artifact told me that it wished to be part of this Healing Mandala. The ancient ‘Luminous Pearl – a very rare crystal that glows mysteriously in the dark – formed the centre of a crystal sun that emanated from the butterfly.

fb7 419

Several other Crystal Skulls were present to amplify the Crystal Skull presence of ‘The Master Skull Solar’. Wendy’s Howlite Skull ‘Howie’ was bursting with joy to be there, as was her other extraordinary skull ‘Beyond’.




Liz Ferris’s clear quartz skull ‘Know One’ was present…


As was my lovely Rose Quartz Skull, Rose….

fb7 452


Last, but by no means least, was my ancient coral skull ‘Abyss’. Information channelled through a medium about this skull, described him as containing the ‘original seed of creation’ within him. He carries the energy of the limitless profusion of all life from its origins. I realise now that composed as he is of material from the ocean bed, coral, how appropriate it was that he should be present, to help recreate anew pure crystalline Light through of the waters of Fukushima.


fb7 441

With great ease and grace The Cosmic Butterfly unfolded into beauteous manifestation – a wondrous container and vessel of radiant Crystalline Light and Human Love.

fb7 382

With the Crystal mandala grid complete we did our final and spontaneous ceremony. As mandala artist Clive Walters began to drum and Johnny to play his didgerdoo, we found ourselves continuously encircling the Butterfly, singing, dancing and chanting, until the moment when Spirit brought us all to a standstill, simultaneously.

As we stood there, each one in his or her chosen position. my channel opened one more time, to deliver a beautiful vision and meditation from the Crystal and Sirian Light Beings who had been working in communion with us all day. The meditation came through in English, but was laced with sacred song and mystical Light Language. All this was channelled through in the moment, so again I have only partial memory of the detail.

The vision I had was of a giant Crystal Heart being placed deep in the waters of Fukushima. We were asked to connect our hearts and the crystal in every drop of water in our bodies,  each to the other…NOW… and to send Light, Pure Light..Pure Crystalline Light, towards this Crystal Heart.


The Whales and the Dolphins were called in, to assist with their sound frequencies. They too, emanated the same pure White Crystalline Light, as they swam around the glowing Crystal Heart of Fukushima.

Then the Star Beings were called  – they who had been waiting patiently for this moment. Everything and all began to emanate Pure White Crystalline Light, till the Crystal Heart of Fukushima radiated its light out through the waters of Japan and beyond.

We were asked to kneel on Mother Earth…we did it.

We were asked to bow to Mother Earth…we did it.

We were asked to look upon the Light Being who is The Master Skull Solar, as he stepped forth from his crystal form….and as we looked at him we were told  to see him as he really was…Pure Light.

‘Solar’ then showed us that we too are a reflection of that same Light – Pure Light. We are Light.

In the midst of this, the rain began to fall once more – this time quite heavily. Deep in channel as I was, I felt the perfection of this to my core. What a wondrous gift of confirmation this was, that the cleansing of the waters of Fukushima was indeed taking place.

Wendy had predicted this earlier in the Medicine Wheel when she said, ‘The rain will come later…it will wash over the Cosmic Butterfly we’re about to create and flow into the creek below. The creek will take this crystalline water to the river. That river will join other rivers and they will carry the energies of the crystal grid to the ocean. From there it will travel out to Fuchusima and the other oceans of the Globe.”

It is impossible to fully capture or articulate a metaphysical experience such as this – words are inadequate. All I can say is that as this vision and group meditation came to completion, I was in no doubt that the large Crystal Heart of Light had indeed been anchored into the waters of Fukushima, and that from there, it emanated its luminous crystalline glow outwards through all the waters of the planet.

Something else occurred during this ceremony that I found intriguing. For our opening ceremony in the morning, we had numbered thirteen. As we began to create the mandala however, we became aware that three of our participants were no longer with us, which meant that ten of us birthed the butterfly. What’s significant for me in this is that the Number 10 has been a key component of the ‘Sounds of Source’ project that has unfolding over the past 6 months. Number 10 was considered by the Ancient Mystery Schools to be the number of perfection.

As the final ceremony got under way however, the three missing people returned, after one of the ten grid workers departed. This meant that, as we brought our Divinely guided task to its completion, we once again numbered thirteen – twelve  human ‘crystal heads’ encircling ‘The Master Crystal Skull Solar’ to created the 12+1= 13 of Ancient Legend.


When I looked at ‘Solar’ later he seemed to embody the vision of Pure Light I had seen. Huge swathes of Rainbow Light burst through the raindrops all over his crystal form…

fb7 449

It will probably be a bit difficult for you to distinguish here, but in the photo below I can also clearly see the image of a Light Being looking out from his crown. ‘Solar’ has many times shown the presence of inter-dimensional Light Beings within him. He is I believe, an inter-dimensional gateway, allowing Masters and Teachers from other realms to communicate with us, through him.


And so it was done….

Our task for now at least, was fulfilled and complete.

Visual evidence of this successful completion was gifted to us right away! Before we began to work on the grid, Wendy used her energy dowsing rods to assess the flow of energy in the space. There was already some pretty amazing energy present as the spot chosen is a portal between two very large gum trees that stand just above the flowing creek. When the grid and our final meditation were finished  however, Wendy did another test. The divining rods went absolutely berserk – graphically demonstrating the transformation that had taken place!

Wendy - energy rods

The Cosmic Crystal Butterfly will remain on the earth at Enuma Elish as long as is needed. When the time is right and the is energy fully embedded, it will communicate that it is ready to be dismantled. Once that happens, a portion of the Lemurian Seed crystals that formed the Cosmic Butterfly grid will be sent to the scientists of Fukushima, to be placed inside the radiation tanks. There, in partnership with the etheric Crystal Heart of Light, they will assist with the ongoing transformation and purification of the irradiated water.


What remains now is for all of us to continue to connect with each other ‘heart to heart’ and together, send our Love and our intent to the Crystal Heart of Fukushima. Please join us  in envisioning this daily. See the brilliant luminescence radiating out through the waters of Japan and all the waters of the planet, cleansing them and returning them to their original pristine state.



Sponsor a Crystal to send to Fukushima 

If you would like to sponsor one of The Cosmic Butterfly crystals to be sent to Fukushima, you can do so by visiting the following page on Liz Ferris’s website:

Alternatively, you can contact Liz direct at:



May The Cosmic Butterfly of Crystal Love bring transformation to the waters of your body as you gaze upon it, as well as to the waters of Fukushima and the world.                                                    

Much Love to you all from Tropical Far North Queensland.

Lia and ‘Solar’



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