Journey of Love – Rivers of Cosmic Light – Itinerary

Journey of Love – Rivers of Cosmic Light
Mexico   ~   Guatemala   ~   Belize
April 8th  –  17th 2018

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Day 1 – April 8

Arrive Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

There are no meals or events planned for today so book your flight to arrive anytime. Take an airport taxi to the Crown Plaza Hotel. We will meet you in the lobby to help you check in and give you your Welcome Package which includes information on tomorrow’s schedule.

 Overnight Villahermosa

Day 2 – April 9
Misol Ha Waterfalls and Cleansing Ceremony (B & L)

We will gather first up for a brief introductory circle followed by breakfast together, where you can meet your leaders and fellow travelers. After checking out of the Hotel we travel to Misol Ha for a cleansing at this magnificent waterfalls. Miguel Angel will lead us in a meditation in the cave behind the falls to connect with the Mother and the ancient Maya energies.

We will lunch at Misol Ha before travelling on to our Palenque hotel to check in. In the evening we will come together again for a talking circle where you can ask any questions about the trip. This will be an opportunity to share our experiences at the waterfall, and our personal intent for the journey.

Dinner is on your own.

Overnight Palenque

Day 3 – April 10
Palenque (B & D)

After breakfast, it is only a short trip to the magnificent Maya site of Palenque. We’ll have an early start this morning to arrive at the site when it opens at 8:00am. Proceedings will begin at the entrance to the site, where we will receive a blessing and be led in ceremony by a local Lacandon Maya Elder. Miguel Angel will then walk us through the site with its many beautiful temples.

“Palenque was known in Maya times with the name of Nan Chan Kaan which translated means: “The Temple of the Stellar Serpent”. This beautiful site was the “Cosmic University of the Royal Art” where the great Maya Teachers taught their students with stucco molds, using them as “stucco books” with the Maya Sacred Knowledge represented by forms and signs. In this “Cosmic University of the Royal Art”, men and women developed their skills as great artists and developed a certain magnetism related to the Cosmic Knowledge from the stars.

Palenque had wonderfully wise teachers such as Pakal Votan and Lady Zac Kuuk who taught the initiates the way of Balance and Harmony, and how to support each other in the way of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. They were taught always to be in peace, in agreement, and in Light, in the same way as the Sky and the Earth are linked and vibrate in harmony with each other. This sense of harmony and balance is felt in each stone, mountain, river, tree, waterfall, and animal in the jungle, and in each sound and word pronounced with great faith.

It is time to be in Palenque again to receive this wonderful gift from Masters Pakal and Lady Zac Kuuk to your heart, and to once again learn as ‘the Maya Initiates of the Sacred Serpent, Cosmic Wisdom.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Following the tour of the site with Miguel Angel, you will have the rest of the day to explore the site on your own. In the evening we will have dinner together, to share the day’s experiences.

Overnight Palenque

Day 4 – April 11
Yaxchilan (B & L)

After breakfast we take a lovely boat ride along the Usamacinta River with Mexico on one side and Guatemala on the other. On arrival at the site of Yaxchilan we will perform a ceremony honoring Mother Earth. As the temple site is set off the beaten path deep in the jungle, we are likely to be welcomed by the local howler monkeys who will want to join us in ceremony! This is a magical place with the energies of the Ancient Ones still very much alive and accessible.

“Yaxchilan is a marvelous Cosmic Maya Center where the Maya Priestesses activated the Sacred Cosmic Feminine energies, using the Crystal Skulls as an instrument to travel spiritually to far galaxies, constellations, and planets where they could see the future of our planet. They returned to write the Maya Prophecies for our Future.The Maya Priestesses used the Crystal Skulls as “Cosmic Receptors” of the energy from the stars. Crystal Skulls were located on specific areas of the Pyramids and Temples to open specific cosmic doors to this energy that allowed them to access new realities in and out of this planet.

The Priestesses also had “Precious Bundles” containing very special “stones” that they called: “Pixon Kaakal”. The purpose of these bundles was to activate around the Priestess, something like a ‘curtain of mist’ or ‘Cosmic Mantle’ that would activate her consciousness to travel at the speed of light so that she could reach other dimensions or realities. The Crystal Skulls and crystals in general when they are properly prepared by your Love, are able to open doors to other realms, and can vibrate within other cosmic spaces.

So Yaxchilan is the place of the ‘First Maya Women Prophets’ who were able to understand and practice the ‘Silence of the Word’. They understood that ‘Silence is the Eloquence of Wisdom’. These Maya Priestesses formed the word in a special manner to meditate within you, like a ‘singing river’ that connects with the Cosmic Rivers of Wisdom and Knowledge. Yaxchilan is your great opportunity, men and women!” Miguel Angel Vergara

We journey home along the river to our very special Lacandon Maya hotel in the jungle at Escudo Jaguar, for the night.

Overnight Escudo Jaguar

Day 5 – April 12
Travel day to Flores (B & D)

After breakfast we say goodbye to our Lacandon Mayan hotel in the jungle, and cross the river to Guatemala on our way to Flores where we stay for three nights while we visit the very important Mayan site of Tikal. We will meet tonight for dinner together.

Overnight Flores, Guatemal

Day 6 – April 13
Tikal (B)

After breakfast together we travel to Tikal for our first visit to this amazing site.

“Tikal, translated from the Maya language means: “The Sound of the Voices from the Stars”. It is the ‘Cosmic University of the Jaguar’. According to the Maya sacred book, the Popol Vuh, this city was built with the great knowledge of the four Cosmic Teachers who came from the Pleiades Constellation:

  1. Balam Ktze (East Jaguar)
  2. Balam Akab (West Jaguar)
  3. Mohakutah (North Jaguar)
  4. Ik’I Balam (South Jaguar)

The amazing sacred site of Tikal was built with the highest Pyramids pointing up to the Sky to reach and to connect with the Cosmic Energies, in order that they could be transmuted inside of the Heart of Mother Earth who was called by the Maya by the name of Ix’Mukane.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Joining us will be a local Maya shaman who will lead us to participate in a traditional Maya Fire Ceremony right within in the main plaza of this ancient Ceremonial Centre.

There will be time to explore on your own before we return to our hotel. Lunch and dinner are on your own today. There is a restaurant on the site itself, as well as many interesting places to eat in the town of Flores.  

Overnight Flores, Guatemala

Day 7 – April 14
Tikal (B)

After breakfast today we return to Tikal for a second visit.

“There is an interesting story written in the Popal Vuh, the Maya Sacred Book, about the four great teachers and the four women who accompanied them. Their names were:

  1. Caha Palunah
  2. Chomiha
  3. Tzuninha
  4. Kaquixaha

In perfect balance and harmony they shared their wisdom for a long time, always keeping Tikal as one of the most special Maya places. Tikal is the ‘Maya Cosmic University of the Jaguar’ and was built according to the wisdom and mystery of the Cosmos. The secrets could be revealed to the ones who became in themselves ‘Mayas’ (Chosen Ones).

“The pyramids in Tikal were located in relation to the different Planets of our Solar System and to the location of the Pleiades and Orion constellations and the Sirius Sun. In Tikal, through your consciousness, you can access to the level of the 13 Dimensions of the Universe, called in Mayan, ‘Ox-Lahun-Tiku’ which means: ‘13 Dimensions in One’, ‘13 Levels or Realms in One’ and ‘The Source of the Creation’. Tikal is a special place where contact with Teachers from other dimensions occurred. We will perform, in a specific place within the site of Tikal, a meditation/ceremony to make contact with these Teachers spiritually, by using certain Maya symbols and mantras.” Miguel Angel Vergara

We have the entire day at the site so you will have time to explore on your own, and ground yourself in the magical energy of Tikal. Lunch and dinner on your own today.

Overnight Flores, Guatemala

Day 8 – April 15:
Travel day to Belize and Xunantunich (B & D)

We have an early start this morning as we head out to Belize. Here we will visit the Maya site of Xunantunich for a special ceremony with the Crystal Skulls, to ask their help in bringing more Light into the world.

“The Maya meaning of Xunantunich is: ‘The Precious Stone of Mother Earth’. There is a beautiful legend about this city that says that a long time ago a beautiful woman descended from Heaven surrounded by Light. She helped people with her gifts of Love, Wisdom, Healing, Abundance, Harmony, and Peace, and she spread these graces to all the surrounding sacred sites.

Xunantunich has a beautiful green river that makes a natural divide between the inland and the archeological site. Thus, Xunantunich is separated from the steady-earth. Symbolically, the river represents the limit of the underworld, and its winding movement is like the way of a Dragon-Serpent, the Great Mother Guardian of the river and the site. The Maya called this kind of guardian: ‘Kan-Hel’ which means ‘Precious Dragon Serpent’. Miguel Angel Vergara

Mother Ix’Cheel the Light Woman, is trying to help us understand that the Sacred Feminine Force is at one with this site and that we should honor the Light, the Woman, Nature, Sky, Water, Earth, Abundance, Love, and Life.

The rivers, rain, and thunderstorms were associated with Lord Yum-Chaak, and the great Maya artists carved his face in the white stucco at the top of the Temples in the Maya Pyramids.

Xunantunich is a place of Magic and the Mystery that leads you on the path to finding our Mother through the Light of the Crystals and the Quartz that shines inside the deepest part of your Heart. Blessings to our Mother in Xunantunich…” Miguel Angel Vergara

Tonight we will check into the beautiful Windy Hill Resort and have dinner together, to share and discuss the day’s adventure.

Overnight: St. Ignacio

Day 9 – April 16
Cahal Pech (B & Farewell Lunch)

Following breakfast together we travel to the nearby site of ‘Cahal Pech’ for our farewell ceremony to give thanks for all the gifts we have received on our journey.

“From the beginning of Solar Dynasties, from the Ancient Maya Generations connected with the Wisdom of the Sun-Serpent and the Great Lords called ‘Ah Kin Pech’, ‘The Masters of the Scarabas-Sun’, great rituals were performed in this sacred place. The aim and purpose was to liberate the soul and spirit in Cahal Pech, the ‘Double House Where the Body-Spirit is One.’

The Maya created a series of rituals at these special temples with the purpose of guiding the Ancient Initiates through the different chambers in the temples, so that they could go deep, and move out of the egoic limitations of their body, soul, and spirit. It was also a great opportunity for the souls of the Initiates to learn and practice Astral Projection by way of certain Maya mantras that activate this specific spiritual function.”   Miguel Angel Vergara

Although ‘Cahal Pech’ is not a big site, it is a very powerful one. After our ceremony, you will have time to explore on your own and connect deeply with the spirits and energy of this place.

Later we will share a farewell meal together and head out for Belize City and our last night of the journey.

Overnight Belize City

Day 10 – April 17
Departure from Belize City

We will help you organize transfers for your departure from Belize City International airport.

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