June 4, 2013

Latest News from FNQ Rising

The Latest news from FNQ Rising


Who knows…..perhaps the Cairns Sounds of Sirius ‘Sounds of Source’ event, will end up coinciding in some way with this beautiful vision of 500 Hearts for Cairns??

We are calling for a Earth Sky Spirit Land Heart Ceremony of unforeseen magnitude. Envision a 500 strong Human Mandala. Spirals in the shape of a Heart. We feel to bring together all the didgeridoos and drums of the region that we can gather and have a massive Drum Up Big, in the Heart of the City of Cairns! 
A coming together of Cultures and Hearts to beat as one.
 A loud and radically passionate celebration of the rising heart of the people.

 An intense and deeply grounded synchronised massive Group Meditation.
 A ceremonially appropriate returning of the Heart of this Land.” Sjoerd Aardema  

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