New Year Crystal Grid

I spent my first morning of 2023 creating this Crystal Grid to set my intention for the year ahead. I hope the Guidance I received about its purpose will inspire you.

In the centre of the beautiful altar cloth made by the Shipibo Indians of the Amazon, sits a vibrant, luminous Hummingbird. This luminous bird could be seen as a soul about to take flight. Surrounding the Hummingbird are some of the most precious and important members of my Crystal Skull family. Each one has a huge story to tell. Each one carries the energies of sacred sites across the globe, from Uluru to Tara, from the Red Rocks of Arizona to the Pyramids of Mexico, from the sacred portals of Mt Shasta and Chaco Canyon, to the underwater Cities of Light of Guatamala.


Despite its diminutive size, the Hummingbird is a mighty bird. Indeed it is central to the creation myths of more than one nation. I first became aware of this when in 2009, I was fortunate enough to meet with the Hopi Indian people of the Four Corners area, where we were granted the rare privilege of being allowed to visit Prophecy Rock. Before we took our leave of the Hopi people, we had the opportunity to purchase one of the Kachina dolls that had been handmade by some of the women of the tribe. My heart was immediately drawn to one that I felt was calling to me. And I could not have chosen better! My Kachina Doll, the Hopi woman told me, represented the Hummingbird. It was the Hummingbird her people believed, who sang the world into being. As one who is the conduit for songs from  Source, I felt truly blessed to receive this gift from ‘The Great Spirit’ as confirmation of my personal mission.



Recently, I was once again blessed by the beauty and power of the Hummingbird, and when that happened, I discovered that the Shipibo Indians of the Amazon hold the same creation myth.

Today she came with a message for me and for you…

As we embark upon this New Year of 2023, the Hummingbird wishes us to call upon her. Just as she sang our original world into being many eons ago, she now wishes to sing our New Earth into being. We are on the brink of something incredible. As the structures of the old world are being dismantled, new structures will be required to take their place. We need to join our song now with the song of the Hummingbird, and with all our heart and soul, sing into manifestation the kind of world we wish to live in…a world that is powered by the energy of Love, of Unity and of Harmony.

The tiny Hummingbird sang the entire world into being. We too are Creator Beings! With enough focus, enough intent, and enough unwavering faith, our vision of the New Earth WILL become a reality.

Each one of the Crystal Skulls in this crystal grid made it strongly known that they wished to be part of this vision. When I had completed the construction of the grid, I became aware that I had created a representation of the Four Directions within it, anchored in with the Master Source Stones which are intrinsically connected with creating etheric Pillars of Light.


A powerful channelled song came through me, accompanied by spoken Light Language messages. I saw the energy from the Source frequencies I was emanating, move out through the Songlines and Leylines of the Planet, and out through the Earth’s Crystalline Grid with great power and intent, assisted by Crystal Skulls. Grestano Ancient One of the Light, and Balthazar were particularly well placed to direct this activity, their specific purpose being to look after the Earth’s meridians, leylines and the Inner Earth spaces.

As I sang in an altered state, I was acutely aware too, of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies present through the auspices of the chosen crystals. The Lemurian presence of the Master Crystal Skull Solar, a Lemurian crystal Master, who oversees all that that I do; the tiny Mother Quartz crystal pieces around the perimeter of the grid, washed up by the Pacific Lemurian waters on the beach here near my home; and the Atlantean energies carried by my skulls Teanna, Jomcata Mayab and She’Shona who have rested on the earth and bathed in the waters of the Atlantic.

My focus then turned to the huge Amethyst Crystal Sphere, representative of this New Earth we are dreaming into being.



How beautiful and how perfect that this huge globe has at its centre, an exquisite pink and purple heart surrounded by a large star-shaped burst of white quartz. The New World we are singing into manifestation has a heart of pure Love.

May the luminous Hummingbird carry you on the wings of her song, deep into the inner recesses of your soul, and may you find there the vision, the passion and the zest for life to help you bring forth your own unique contribution to the New World we are creating.

With much Love and many Blessings,