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The DIAMOND LIGHT MEDITATIONS are a unique combination of guided meditation and channelling of The Sounds of Sirius.

They are gifted to help balance the male/female polarities which exist within each one of us. The masculine energy has been dominant for many generations, which has led to great imbalance. The Divine Mother, who works through The Sounds of Sirius, wishes to redress this imbalance, separately for men and women. With Her assistance, as our male and female aspects become aligned, we shall have the potential to ground within us, Divine power and spirituality of the highest order.

This meditation is also gifted to activate the Diamond Light energy within us, connecting us to our Essence and flooding us with Light from the Source. At the inception of Lia’s healing work, she received Guidance that the Diamond energy would act as a ‘transmitter’ of Divine Light and an amplifier of the sounds for which she is the vehicle. Hence, the Diamond, glowing gold, in the centre of her logo.

It is time for this Diamond energy to be more fully activated in our bodies – a fact, reinforced by the discovery, in Feb 2004, of a gigantic cosmic diamond, a white dwarf star, 4000kms wide, residing in the constellation Centaurus. This diamond star shines it’s beautiful light down upon us, it’s crystal energy amplifying the healing power of The Sounds of Sirius.

May the gift of this Diamond Light energy, bring you peace, joy and a deep connection with your own Divinity.

Running Time 64 minutes

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