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Who are we? What are our true origins? Many indigenous nations believe their ancestors came from the stars. Their prophecies speak of a time when these Starry Ancestors will return to awaken humanity from their deep slumber. Could the seismic change in our world today herald that return? Is it possible we stand on the brink of a New Golden Age?

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“An album of sublime mystery, grace, colour and content. The Star Elders narrative is breathtakingly illustrated in a collection of transcendent arrangements that are hypnotic and compelling. The best work by Lia Scallon thus far.”

Steve Sheppard – One World Music

“A sonic adventure you will never forget! Lia’s vocal just shimmers with life. In all my years of reviewing music, Ancient Kachina Wisdom is the most intimate song I’ve ever listened to.”
Dick Metcalf – Contemporary Fusion Reviews 

“Exquisitely constructed, the rich soundscape is filled with a unique magic that is totally enchanting. Each mystical piece reaches out to cradle the soul.
Scallon’s vocals are perfection.”
Janet Mawdesley -Blue Wolf Reviews 

“Musicians are the unsung heroes of our society. In this time of great need, they shine a new light on our lives. Return of The Star Elders is cosmic…spiritual. Lia’s vocals are so beautiful, making for a listening experience that provides hope and the ushering in of new age for the Earth. If we believe it can happen, let this music lead the way!”
Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews


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Who are we? What are our true origins?

‘Return of the Star Elders’ is a concept album that unfolds an intriguing story. Its inspiration came from a combination of our ancient, earthly past and from other realms. For more than a decade Lia has travelled to sacred sites across the globe and explored the ancient indigenous cultures who created them. Many of these indigenous nations speak of a time long ago, when their ancestors descended from the stars; Skygods who walked amongst humankind; Divine beings with advanced technologies and untold knowledge.

Their arrival was recorded in rock art and on temple walls. Our ancestors erected elaborate temples and stone circles to honour their starry, god-like teachers; sacred structures aligned precisely with the Pleiades, Sirius and Orion, to mark the celestial Solstice and Equinox. As Above…So Below.

Many ancient prophecies speak of a time when our Starry Ancestors will return, to awaken humanity from their deep slumber. Could the seismic change in our world today herald that return? Is it possible we stand on the brink of a New Golden Age?


Predestined Timing
Some months after I began recording ‘Return of the Star Elders’, I became aware of an ancient Aboriginal Prophecy. The similarity between the Prophecy and the story I had been guided to unfold through the music, was extraordinary.

The Prophecy speaks of a Pleiadean spaceship that came to Earth a long time ago, leaving behind a special device to be activated at a predestined time. The Aboriginal Elders refer to this device as a “Magic Box”, and say it is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.

This long-awaited activation was said to occur at Uluru at 9.02pm, Northern Territory time, on December 21st Solstice, at the exact moment of the rare, Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

It seemed as if  Return of the Star Elders had been orchestrated by the Star Elders. As the music and accompanying Light Language messages were gifted through me, I was ‘told’ that they contained Codes of Light to prepare us for the massive  influx of new Cosmic frequencies that would flood the Planet on December 21st Solstice and beyond, and would support us in our subsequent adjustment to those frequencies.



Creation of the album was supported 
by a team of world-class musicians
who weave a lush, magical musical backdrop around Lia’s vocals.

Nigel Pegrum
Flute, Keyboards, Percussion/Ambient Sounds
A former member of chart-topping British group Steeleye Span, Nigel is a music producer & engineer with some 200 CDs, film, TV and advertising soundtracks to his credit. A six-time Aria award nominee and two-time Aria winner in the ‘World Music’ category. Nigel’s contribution to this album, both musically and technically, has been invaluable. This is the 8th project Nigel and Lia have worked on together.

David Hudson –  Didgeridoo, Aboriginal Vocals
David is arguably the world’s leading exponent of the didgeridoo. He has toured the world performing both on his own, and with the legendary Yanni, playing in venues ranging from the Taj Mahal to The Forbidden City, China. Co-Founder of the renowned Tjapukai Dance Theatre, David is also a highly respected, Indigenous Cultural Consultant.

Kirk Steel – Keyboards
After turning his back on life as a miner, in WA’s Kalgoorlie region, for over 40 years Kirk has toured  and recorded with almost every major Australian country music artist. His passion is Irish and Scottish folk music which he plays expertly on his huge collection of accordions. Kirk brings great experience and immaculate taste to Lia’s music.

Simon McMenamin – Viola, Violin
Simon is a classical violinist, trained at the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music. As one half of the acoustic folk duo ‘The McMenamins’ with his sister, he has performed with notable Australian acts such as The Waifs and Missy Higgins. Simon teaches strings at Cairns High School. He is a superlative violist.

Nereace – Keyboards
Nereace is a composer, classically trained pianist, and singer. Born in South Africa to European parents, she knew from an early age that music would to be her life. Nereace studied piano in London before emigrating to Australia where she composes, records, and teaches piano. Her deep understanding of Lia’s music and her beautiful playing, brings an unmistakable touch to the music.

Ben Hakalitz  – Drums
A member of the iconic band Yothu Yindi, Ben has been inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame. During his 35-year worldwide musical career, he has supported artists such as Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue and Carlos Santana. Awarded the Centenary Medal for services to the Australian Community, Ben has composed soundtracks for stage and screen and performed at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Renee Cashman – Eagle Whistle, Native American Flute
Renee Cashman has been creating meditation music for sound healing for over 20 years. She loves to weave the sounds of nature with her crystal singing bowls, native american flute, gongs and tibetan singing bowls to name a few of the sacred instruments she plays. Renee’s use of long tones and simple melodies helps to induce a meditative state that can lead to recalibration of the nervous system, improved sleep and overall well being.

Lia Scallon  – All vocals and Vocal Compositions.
‘Return of the Star Elders’ is the 13th title in Composer and Vocalist’s Lia’s ‘Sounds of Sirius’ series. Her last four albums garnered multiple International awards including ‘Best New Age Album’, Best Visionary Album, Best Meditation Album, Best Sound Healing Album, & Best Female Vocal awards.

The Listener’s Experience

“I have traversed ancient landscapes with the Elders of each domain. Tears and deep, heartfelt healing…Love, Love and more Love. Thank you for sharing this magnificent journey with me.”
Stephanie Phelps  – USA

“I was activated immediately and taken on deep journeys with each track. I cried with an open heart bursting with love. I’ve risen up to fly with my white dragon, and ridden on the back of a magnificent eagle. I’ve seen a temple above my crown, and a ‘being’ in feathers of all colours. Symbols upon symbols flashing in my third eye. This is your biggest masterpiece Lia, your most significant channelling for mankind to so far. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou..”
Miranda Short – Australia

“Another stunning musical creation! Each track transports you on a new adventure to different cultures around the world. A global story of the old and the new. The rebirthing of the Earth shared through your unique voice, and the atmospheric depth of the instrumental accompaniment. A fabulously, rich, cinematic experience!”
PM – Ireland

“‘Return of the Star Elders’ is beautiful – so calming and so visual. By Track 6, I was teleported into a deep sleep. I had the best night’s sleep in months. Such an amazing variety of vocals and soundscapes. Each track would be fabulous with its own mini film. I can’t wait to listen again!”
CS  – UK


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Return of the Star Elders has been a project of service, six months in the making. My time, energy and creative process, I gladly gift to the Star Elders. Recouping the extensive studio & production costs through sales of the album however, has become impossible.

CDs sales are down by 80-90%. Digital downloads almost as much. People now largely enjoy their music for free through streaming services, with almost zero royalties going to the artist. Continuing to self-fund the production of studio-recorded music of this quality has become an ever-increasing challenge.


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