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The unique frequencies of the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to humanity at this time of great change. These beautiful high vibrational sounds come to assist us in navigating the major shift in human consciousness taking place on our planet at this time, helping us to reconnect once more, with our soul’s true essence. Comforting, calming and deeply relaxing, ‘Starsong’ is a gentle and joyous celebration of life.

The hauntingly beautiful songs of the Humped Back Whale are woven throughout this recording. Blending seamlessly, and at times seeming to  echo Lia’s angelic vocals, the end result for the listener is one of pure magic and mystery. It is little wonder that this album has become a ‘Sounds of Sirius’ Bestseller.

‘Starsong’ & ‘Song Of The Earth’ are companion CD’s, brought through from Spirit together. Although each individual ‘Sounds of Sirius’ recording works on many levels of the being, these two particular CDs, used together, have proven to be profound “Inner Child” therapy.

Running Time 64.50 minutes

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