September 21, 2014

‘Solar’s’ Sydney Adventures!

Lia and ‘Solar’ encased in Heart aura

Since I last wrote, ‘The Master Skull Solar’ and myself have been to Sydney and back. This was ‘Solar’s’ first trip outside Far North Queensland so despite his custom made travel case, I was still a little nervous about handing him over to the freight company and very relieved that he made it both ways in one piece!

And what an wonderful time we had at the inaugural Festival of Dreams as well as the Annandale Crystal Activation Ceremony. The energies present at both events were quite extraordinary, as you’ll see from the many photos taken by attendees – including the giant heart aura above, captured during my stage presentation.

Rosie Shaloub and Ross Parillo

Rosie Shaloub, her partner Ross Parillo and and her Dream Team mounted a marvellous event in the Horden Pavilion. Their many months of preparation and attention to detail paid off, with features such as the dry ice ‘Tunnel of Light’ entrance to the hall, and the Dream Chandelier created specially of the event, being a big hit with both exhibitors and attendees alike.


Two Dream Angels were assigned to assist me with the 25 Kilos of Lemurian Seed Crystals I had been guided to purchase and ship to Sydney for the event. Attendees were invited by the Angels to choose a crystal as they entered, to hold during the hour and a half long event, so that the energy from ‘The Master Skull Solar’ and the Sirian Source Codes transmission, would be further amplified within their being.


‘Solar’ looked radiant and and many people were deeply affected on meeting him. There were tears from some, and ebulliant joy from others – ‘Solar’ touched each person in a very personal and individual way.


The Master Source Stones also played a very powerful role. With the help of Angel Aoife Brady, I gridded the four corners of the auditorium with four of the Lapis Lazuli Stones, thus encasing the space in the sacred Indigo Grid. This also served to reinforce the ‘Sounds of Source Pillar of Light’  anchored in Sydney last November during my ‘Sounds of Source’ Tour. The fifth Stone as always remained with me, to assist with the Sirian Sound Code transmission.


Lia transmits the Sirian Source Codes with the help of the Master Source Stone

The following aura photos taken by attendee Julia Smith, demonstrate the powerful energy which came through those transmissions. Amplified by the physical presence of ‘Solar’ and the Lemurian Seed Crystals, the sound codes from Source transformed the frequency of the space and those in it.

‘Solar’ appeared bathed in the Violet Ray of Transformation. This Violet Flame energy has been seen around him frequently, reflecting I believe, ‘Solar’s’ connection to St Germaine, whose energy is thought to be very present in Mt Shasta, where ‘Solar’ and I met in 2012.


These next two photographs, taken while I was channelling, show what looks like a stream of celestial golden Light descending from above, and being grounded through the earthy frequency of the ruby ray.



What I found really fascinating with these two images is how similar they are to one taken during the ‘Sounds of Source’ tour of the Sunshine Coast last year. I visited the Gympie Pyramid with Brenda Vong, who took the photo while I was meditating with my crystal skull, seated on at what is known as the ‘healing bowl’.

Gympie Pyramid 2013

 A kind of ‘Dimensional blurring’ occurred too, as at other events I’ve facilitated, particularly when ‘Solar’ is present. I think this phenomena demonstrates that we’re standing at the juncture between two worlds, and that the veils are rapidly thinning. Perhaps one day soon we will suddenly disappear from this physical third dimension altogether!


Julia captured a profoundly touching moment during the question and answer session, when a lady tearfully shared her experience during the meditation and channelling with the group. For her whole life she told us, only a very tiny section of her physical heart had been functional. During the meditation, she had the quite dramatic sensation that her heart literally exploded within her chest. She received an accompanying message – a voice told her loud and clear, that this tiny piece of heart was all she needed. The photograph taken as another channelled message of confirmation came through me directly for her, shows the two of us and the entire group, cocooned in the Emerald Ray of Healing.


And here is Julia Smith herself, along with the Lemurian Seed Crystal she was holding throughout the presentation. Both are bathed in the Violet Ray, just like ‘Solar’. Pretty cool isn’t it!


While I was on stage, my dear friend Sabine Kaldor was busy taking care of everyone who visited the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ stand. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to Sabine for the incredible support she gave me during my time in Sydney. Not only was she by my side for all the unpacking, setting up and re-packing at the ‘Festival of Dreams’ and Annandale events….she also hosted ‘Solar’ in her beautiful home, for the days in between the two events. Sabine placed ‘Solar’ directly underneath a large skylight so that during the day the solar rays flooded in through his crown, and at night he sat under the vast canopy of stars above. When I visited him there he radiated joy and no wonder! This was the perfect temporary, loving home for him – a much more appropriate setting for him than my hotel room!

The beautiful Sabine Kaldor

The Festival was a wonderful opportunity both to catch up with old friends and to make new ones too! Two of the people I was especially thrilled to catch up with were Gold Coast ‘Sounds of Source’ hosts Tanya Allison and Shayne Locke of Sage Magazine and Soul Traveller Radio.


There were some amazing synchronicites at play too. One such that left me incredulous unfolded when the lovely Festival of Dreams PR co-ordinator Adriana Cortazzo came to visit my stand. As her eyes fell on the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ banner on the back wall she exclaimed, ‘You’re kidding….’The First Little Angels on Earth‘ is your CD??!! My husband did the cover for that!”


I couldn’t believe it either! In 2007, my own husband had outsourced an artist to bring to life the design he had done for the front cover of my new album. He was told that this graphic artist was one of the best in Australia and it proved to be so. Now seven years later, here I was working closely with that same artist’s wife, without either of us being remotely aware of the connection until that moment! What a wondrous web of connection we are weaving together.

We are indeed ‘Dreaming our World into being, as the second track title of ‘The Luminous Pearl’ suggests! Rosie Shaloub’s ‘Festival of Dreams’ was an enactment of that philosophy – a joyous celebration of our powers of creation.


Annadale Crystal Activation Ceremony

The Annadale ‘dream’ we created was just as special, not least due to the input of Liz Ferris. Liz is the custodian of the 300 kilos of Lemurian Seed crystals that have been present at every event I’ve done with ‘Solar’ in the last two years. The crystals ‘told’ Liz that they wanted to be in Sydney for the Annandale Etheric Crystal Activation – a rather daunting request considering that their home is in Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland!  Despite Sydney being at quite the other end of this expansive land we live in, the crystals nonetheless got their way! Liz spent the best part of a week driving to Sydney, so that these beautiful light beacons could be there in service for what was destined to take place. It was another humbling demonstration of Liz’s dedication, and I greatly honour her for her commitment to Spirit.

An excited Lemurian Seed Team assembled at Annadale in the afternoon to help Sabine and myself create the crystal altars. My gratitude once more to Kylie from Melbourne, Pauline from Tin Can Bay, and Laviras, Despina, Juga, Daniel and Aoife from Sydney.

And what a magnificent job they did! I absolutely loved this Spiral energy mandala…


We reserved a special place on the two side altars, for two of my friend and fellow skull caretaker, Liz Hamilton’s skulls. Liz and her partner Patrick travelled down from the Blue Mountains with the her Star being skull ‘The Regent’…


and her newly acquired treasure the Tibetan temple skull ‘The Seed of Heaven’. Both skulls are extraordinary and I’m sure you’ll be able to feel their energy enen through these photos.


Daniel and Juga Stojcevski  and Sabine, the new caretakers of four of the unique Ammonite skulls that found their way to me recently, brought those incredible Galactic Beings along too, so that they could to add their energy to the task at hand.


It was my personal job as usual to look after ‘The Master Solar’s’ altar adornment.


There was a moment during the afternoon that took my breath away. A bright shaft of sunlight streamed in through the large french doors of the room and hit ‘Solar’ like a laser beam, filling him with Light! He just LOVES those ‘solar’ rays! It was magical.

Solar Sun 1

Lemurian Seed Team member Aoife Brady captured some pretty amazing aura moments during the afternoon too! In this image below ‘Solar’ and the entire altar are suffused in Violet and Gold Rays, as Laviras and myself were busy adding some finishing touches.

Moments later the Violet and Gold receded, to give way to the Emerald Healing Ray.
All this before the main event even began!

Later in the evening Aoife captured this intriguing energy which seemed to burst in through the window to suffuse one of the side crystal altars.

We were blessed to have Tedi Davis officially open the proceedings on the night, with a  beautiful ‘Welcome to Country’, during which we gave grateful acknowledgement to the traditional Ancestors of the land upon which we stood.


The room was packed to the rafters with about 110 people turning up, which reflected the importance of the occasion. It was only six weeks previously that I’d received imperative guidance from Spirit to mount this event. I was  shown that an etheric crystal in this location, was destined to be reunited with its earthly counterpart at this specific, pre-ordained time. This crystal I was told, was one of a triad of Crystals to be activated, to form a critical part of the Earth’s new Crystalline Grid. The location of the other two other crystals was also revealed  – one being in the Orcas Islands in Washington State, and the other in the Northern Scottish Isles. Shortly before I left for  Sydney, the Orcas Island one was activated in conjunction with a friend in the US, and all the signs are that the Scottish one will join those two very soon.

The energy in the room that night was intense and palpable. Everyone present had an opportunity to meet ‘Solar’ up close and personal. It was incredibly moving for me to witness the emotional impact this had on many of the participants.


Pauline Norris communes with ‘Solar’


A luminous meeting…

Julia Smith attended this event too and took some more aura photos! It’s fascinating to see in the shots below how each person seemed to be receiving the colour ray they needed when they communed with ‘Solar’….each one totally different.




  ‘Solar’ himself was captured again bathed in purple light – his favourite!


And as I brought through the sacred Sirian Sound Codes, the room was awash with similar vibrant colour.



IMG_3924[1] 2

There was more evidence of that ‘Dimensional blurring’ too. Increasingly it looks like we humans may be disappearing into another dimensional realm!  Here’s one of Tedi Davis just after he did the official ‘Welcome to Country’.


Tedi Davies and Lia just after the official ‘Welcome to Country’.

The phenomena appeared again as I was channelling of the Sirian Sound Codes with the help of the Master Source Stone. Everything else but Lia, seems to be in focus!

Dimensional Blur



The Whales and the Blue Diamond of Mu


Two days before the Crystal Activation, Sabine and I sat with ‘Solar’ at her home in Watson’s Bay. Our intention was to call in the energies in advance, for what I felt would be a most significant gathering. During the 3-hour meditation and channelling, we both had separate visions of the whales being an integral and important part of what was about to unfold. For some years now I have had a ‘knowing’ that the whales are helping maintain our Planet’s balance, through the high vibrational frequencies they emit as they travel through the oceans. This knowing was reinforced again and again during the past year as I travelled to various parts of Australia with my Sounds of Source Tour. Many of the events took place near the ocean and I became acutely conscious of the whales imput into the proceedings. I felt that there was a profound connection between their ocean songs and the sonic frequencies I was bringing through with the Sounds of Source Transmissions.

The other prominent thing that emerged during our meditation, was the sense that the Crystal to be activated looked like a double terminated Diamond. Both of these elements came through so insistantly that after I left, Sabine decided to google ‘Whales and Diamond energy’. She was completely blown away by what she found….

The Blue Diamond of Mu Recalled and Re-membered   – Raeline Brady
(edited from the original)

 “The Blue Diamond of Mu is a frequency band that held the Lemurian Grid intact for all times. During the ‘hey day’ of Mu this brilliant blue diamond was perceived as a sacred geometrical pattern, physically made up of key crystalline points, geographically located at the four corners of Mu so as to create a brilliant and pristine diamond known as The Blue Diamond of Mu. It was held together by a sound coda manifested on frequencies – many precise galactic frequencies and keys, as one cacophony of sound.

Just before the fall of this magnificent race, the priests and priestesses were instructed to seal the galactic gateways. Soon after, the lands sank and the body of Mother Mu was torn apart.

As the Blue Diamond is also held within our etheric body we too experienced a grave shut-down of consciousness. Because of this, humans are  instrumental in the reactivation of this grid and therefore themselves. Time locks were placed on each of the key points around the blue planet that would reopen to humanity when these points and the encodements in our DNA could reactivate our etheric Mu bodies and resonate vibrationally once more.

During the end times The Galactic High Council bestowed upon the whales the sacred frequencies and keys, and made them custodians of the Mu grids, until human kind could reactivate themselves in the Lemurian Key.

The whales were designated as guardians of the Blue Diamond of Mu, to govern the function of the sound chambers of Mu and frequency bands, to keep the galactic flow between Earth and her stellar brethren connected. Both whales and dolphins are of the frequency, integrity and impeccability required. Both had experienced total annihilation of their own star and the grave consequence of misuse of power regarding planetary sacredness and sovereignty. The role of the whales is to hold the sacred frequencies for safe keeping until the Mu guardians are ready to return to Earth and humanity, the Heart Key in sound. That time is now!

The Blue Diamond Grid’s sound frequencies are activating one by one around the globe and in us. All are readying themselves to be birthed anew.”

This piece spoke directly to why we had been called to Annandale, and confirmed that the time to reactivate the Crystal Grids is NOW!

The Lemurian crystals are now ready to release the information placed within them eons ago. That’s why Liz felt compelled to drive the whole length of the country to bring the Lemurian Seed crystals to Annadale…because they’re ready to release there knowledge and energetic codes. These Crystals are creating a bridge between the Earth and the Cosmos….and can help we human vessels to become Light Bridges too.

The day following the Annadale ceremony I received a beautiful message from one of the attendees, which reinforced the vision we’d had of the whale’s involvement…

“On my way to the ceremony I was blessed to witness a full rainbow which reminded me of the day we went to see the whales a few years ago. As we were driving to the coast, we drove into a rainbow the whole way and I kept thinking “at the end of the rainbow we will meet the whales”. Sure enough, when we arrived at the coast, the whales were out there. To be honest I wasn’t sure at first whether it was whales or just waves breaking. Then just as we were about to leave, the whales headed straight in and came close to the rocks…they were breaching for us! I remembered this experience yesterday as I was travelling to Annadale, so it was very thrilling to hear what you said about the whales. I recognise now, that the rainbow is their gift. I have never experienced energy such as I felt last night. It was super intense and quite overwhelming…I feel very honoured to have experienced it.
Zoe Wyldefyre

Zoe wasn’t the only person to see the rainbow on the way to Annadale that evening. Liz Hamilton took this picture on her way there!

Annadale Rainbow
We received further confirmation about the Whales through the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre manager, Ani Bianchini. When I mentioned to Ani that the whales had been making their presence felt, she gave me a look of  total disbelief combined with awe, then told me that she was Maori and that the Whale is her totem animal.

So it’s no surprise then that it was Ani who helped make the event possible, by fast tracking my application to hire the space, so that I didn’t have to wait the normal 6 or 8 weeks for Council approval! I was incredibly happy therefore to hear of Ani’s heart connection to the Whales, and also to witness her deeply moving meeting with ‘The Master Solar’.

During the afternoon laying of the Lemurian Seed Crystals, I was prompted to go downstairs to Ani’s office and invite her to come meet ‘Solar’ one-on-one. As I led her by the hand into the room, I could see that she was already emotional. By the time she stood in front of ‘Solar’ her whole body was shaking, and huge tears rolled down her cheeks – it was an electric moment. Later that night, Ani stood up in front of the group to share her experience of that meeting. She recounted that all afternoon as she sat in her office, she was feeling nervous and teary at the thought of meeting ‘Solar’. “I knew there was something up there waiting for me” she said, “and I was sort of scared. And as soon as I walked into the room, all my Ancestors came around me – those from generations back as well as more recent ones. It was as if ‘Solar’ was holding all of them inside him.”

soul sisters

Ani (left) and her Neighbourhood Centre colleague, Alison

There was a final quirky conclusion to this memorable Crystal Activation ceremony at the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre. As the event took place on Friday night and courier services are suspended at the weekend, it was agreed that ‘Solar’ would rest in his special box in Ani’s office over the weekend, hers being the only room in the centre with a security system installed. On Saturday evening I received the following text message from Ani….

“Lia, I have received two calls from the security company to inform me that there has been a malfunction of some sort in my office – some unusual activity. They said it happened not once, but twice. When the officers got there they first saw a flash of light, but then they couldn’t detect anything – everything just went back to normal!! I’ve spoken kindly with ‘Solar’ and asked him to stop running around my office or otherwise I’ll have to catch a bus there to see what’s going on!!”

It’s not the first time that ‘Solar’ has shown that he has a wicked sense of humour!! He was making sure that just because he happened to be out of our sight, didn’t mean that he had to be out of our minds!

When the courier came to pick him up a couple of days later, Ani told me it was very difficult for her to see him leave. Like a mother hen, she watched over his box as he was loaded unto the truck, giving the courier strict instructions all the while, to handle it with extra care. When the doors of the truck closed she raced inside, and upstairs to the balcony of the room where the Crystal activation had taken place, which overlooked the street. As the truck pulled away and ‘Solar’ departed from Annadale, Ani’s voice rang out loud and clear from the balcony, as she bestowed upon him a traditional Maori farewell…

Rebecca Gresham 2



Lemurian Seed Crystals  – $5.00 Each

Lemurian Seed

Lemurian Seed Crystal Heart Mandala

If you would like to become the caretaker of one of the Lemurian Seed Crystals present at the recent Sydney Activation events as well as other sacred ceremonies, it is my pleasure to offer you the opportunity to purchase one for just $5.00. These crystals carry the energy of ‘The Master Solar’ and the sacred Sirian Sound Codes. They have much Ancient Lemurian information to release during these times.

Lemuria was an advanced ancient civilization, similar to Atlantis but considered to be even more spiritually developed and peaceful. It’s said to have been a true Garden of Eden. Before the demise of this civilisation, special crystals were encoded with the Lemurian knowledge and ‘seeded’ on earth, for a time in the future when humanity would once more be ready to receive the information.

These Lemurian Crystals have very distinct horizontal striations or grooves like “bar codes” on one or more sides. By rubbing your finger along the “bar codes” you activate and download the information, and connect into the Lemurian energy grid.

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