‘The Magic Box’ – Crystal Grid Meditation


At 6.30 pm – Uluru time – we assemble for our meditation.

This is an hour before the 7:32 pm Activation Ceremony at Uluru.

NB Don’t forget to check the time difference between your location and Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
Eg, it will be in 8:02 pm here in Cairns, and 9:02 pm in Sydney.

Here is a time zone converter for your convenience:

The Guided Meditation

• Breathe deeply into your heart. See a cord of scintillating Diamond Light connect you to The Master Crystal Skull Solar who sits at the centre of the Uluru crystal grid. Feel a surge of energy and power from this crystal master suffuse your body through your a Diamond Light cord.

• As every participant’s Diamond cord connects with Solar, he begins to vibrate and shimmer, until he bursts into a luminous Pillar of Light. From this luminous Pillar of Light, shafts of Diamond Light shoot out to Illita, Teanna, Grestano, Balthazar, the amethyst Uluru sphere, and every crystal in the grid.

• The entire grid is vibrating now, radiating brilliant Diamond Light. Connected to this luminous hub through your Diamond cord, you too radiate Diamond Light. Feel the luminous pulsations through every cell of your body. Feel the Diamond Light rejuvenate you; heal you; renew you. Feel it bring you deeper and deeper inside yourself, to the core of your being.

• From this deep inner core, begin to send the pulsating Diamond Light out through the song lines to Uluru..out through the leylines…the Dragon lines…pure Diamond Light carrying your Love and purest intention to Uluru.

• Your attention is now on this sacred monolith. You find yourself in a secret cave beneath the giant Rock. In this cave, ‘The – Belly of the Serpent’, sits a circle of Ancient Grandmothers. In the centre of the circle of women sits ‘The Magic Box’. On top of ‘The Magic Box’, sits the crystal skull known as ‘Rainbow Serpent’. Through your Diamond Cord, begin to pour Solar’s luminous Diamond Light into the Rainbow Serpent skull, and ‘The Magic Box’ that sits beneath.

• Still connected to the circle of grandmothers through your Diamond Light cord, your attention returns to the Master Solar. Solar is vibrating faster and ever faster now, until suddenly, his luminous energy bursts into a magnificent, cascading waterfall of rainbow light. In awe, your see this rainbow waterfall shoot upward in a huge rainbow arc. Up through the ethers it goes, and then down into the head of the’ Rainbow Serpent’ Skull at Uluru.

• The Rainbow Serpent Skull begins to vibrate and shimmer. Faster and faster it vibrates, faster and faster, until ‘The Magic Box’ beneath it begins to glow with otherworldly light.

• The time has come. Through the Diamond Cord from your heart, poor every ounce of love, energy, and pure intention you can muster, through the Songlines of Mother Earth and into ‘The Magic Box’ in the cave at Uluru. Keep pouring your love through the Songlines of the Mother, for her support and her nourishment. She needs you now. Without you this activation cannot occur.

• And then it happens! With a burst of blinding light a huge rainbow serpent bursts forth from the magic box. Up into the heavens it shoots and down into the earth, creating a Rainbow Serpent Bridge between earth and sky. Arcs of rainbow light shoot out to the five main sacred sites across Australia. From there a scintillating Rainbow Serpent Bridge spans the the ocean to New Zealand. And from there, it weaves its way to every sacred site across the planet.

• Feel the earth under your feet begin to hum and vibrate. Faster and faster it vibrates as mother Earth‘s frequency rises. Feel her rising frequency enter your body through your feet. You are vibrating in tune with her now.

• And then she breaks Free!

• Shaking off the final shackles, Mother Earth rebirths herself. A new and glorious incarnation of herself emerges like a butterfly from it’s chrysallis. Free from the density, free from the struggle and pain, she ascends to embrace her new 5D form, with the assistance of the all-encompassing, Diamond Light.

• It is done. With limitless love in your heart for the Mother who gives us life, you thank her for this gift of participation in her glorious rebirth. With humility, you ask her to take you with her, so that you too may reside in the New Earth – a place where Love, Peace, and Harmony reign.

• Rest within this blissful energy of the Mother for as long as your soul desires. As the transformative frequencies of the New Earth download into your body and course through you, send them outwards through the Songlines to benefit every living thing on the Planet.

• When you are ready, return to your physical body….renew
ed, restored, and reborn.


Ideally, we will stay in the energy for 1 hour after the Activation takes place at 7.32pm.

This will have us finishing up at 8.30pm Uluru time



How to Incorporate ‘Return of the Star Elders’ in your December 21st Meditation


Return of the Star Elders
has been gifted to assist us in preparing for the Ancient Prophecy event at Uluru, and to help us assimilate and integrate the energies downloaded.

The Music can be used as a powerful backdrop for your meditation.

From the start of the CD to the beginning of the ‘Uluru Galactic Portal’ track is 43mins and approx 20 secs.

If you start playing the CD at 45 minutes before 9.02pm Northern Territory time, as soon as you hear the first strains of the Didgeridoo, you will know it is time to stand up and face Uluru for the actual activation of ‘The Magic Box’ at 9.02pm.