March 29, 2021

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“A sonic adventure you will never forget!
Lia’s vocal just shimmers with life.
Be sure to use headphones.

In all my years of reviewing music, ‘Ancient Kachina Wisdom’
is the most intimate song I have ever listened to.”  
Dick Metcalf – Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“There can be no doubt that the vast body of work entitled Return Of The Star Elders is the best work created by Lia Scallon thus far. This  sublime collection of transcendent arrangements that takes us to various spiritual hot spots around the globe, is hypnotic and compelling. The narrative of the return of our star elders is breathtakingly portrayed and beautifully illustrated, especially on tracks like Arrival Of The Star Elders with its lush tapestry of instrumentation, idyllic flute, and Scallon’s wonderfully spiritual vocalese. This is one of those albums you will find yourself getting totally lost within. Time becomes meaningless, as with the track Return To Lemuria where I found myself drifting across vast oceans of utter awareness and tranquillity. Return Of The Star Elders is an album of sublime mystery, grace, colour and content.”
Steve Sheppard  – One World Music

Return Of The Star Elders tells a tale of hope and redemption for humankind while taking us on a journey to places and cultures that are earthly, and some that are not. Supported by a team of outstanding musicians, Scallon’s music creates a bridge between a world in crisis and the Guardians of the ancient Stargates that exist between the worlds. Whether singing, chanting or speaking, Scallon’s voice is hypnotic and communicates very deeply. The album tells an extraordinary story and overflows with hope and enlightenment – something this world desperately needs these days.”
Kathy Parsons – Mainly


“Over her many years of travelling the world visiting ancient sites, Lia Scallon has gathered much sacred knowledge, which she shares through the medium of music. In most ancient cultures it is clearly understood that  ‘earthlings’ are deeply connected to the heavens. Connection with the Divine Ones is never more apparent than through Scallon’s latest album Return of the Star Elders, the perfect vehicle for deep meditation and the ushering in of tranquillity. Exquisitely constructed, each of the mystical pieces reaches out to cradle the soul in harmony, to allow the messages of the Ancient Ones to be felt, heard and understood. The richness of the soundscape created is filled with a unique magic and is totally enchanting. Scallon’s vocals are perfection. It could be considered that hers is a direct voice of the Star Elders reaching out to offer peace, hope and a certainty that change is coming; telling us that even though the times in which we all live are challenging, there is love and enlightenment to be found by reaching deep within.”
Janet Mawdesley  –  Blue Wolf Reviews


“Musicians are the unsung heroes of our society and particularly in this time of great need, they spread the positive and shine a new light on our lives. Lia Scallon’s Return Of The Star Elders holds a lot of meaning, for many reasons. It is cosmic…spiritual. Lia’s vocals are always so beautiful, making for yet another great listening experience that provides hope and the ushering in of a new age for the earth and all its inhabitants. If we believe it can happen, let this music lead the way!”
Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews

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