TANSHIN – Secret of Truth


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‘Tanshin’ is a magnificent, engraved, doubled -sided Tibetan pendant.

Chain – 70cm
Pendant – 6cm

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One side is silver, featuring the Kalasha or sacred vase, which is symbolic of inexhaustible riches that are the Buddhist teachings. It represents spiritual abundance, prosperity, wealth and long life. The other side burnished brass featuring the Tibetan Conch shell. The sacred conch shell or Sankha represents the fame of Buddha’s philosophy which spreads far and wide like the deep sound of the conch. It is used in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies and is a representation of the truth that Buddha proclaimed to the world.

A necklace of the tiniest of black seed beads, punctuated with ornate engraved silver ‘barrel’ beads, flanked by gold, turquoise balls and gold clasp, form an exquisite necklace to compliment this unique piece. This one-off pendant has a feeling of sacred antiquity and preciousness about it. There is a sense that carries some long held secret mystery within it.

This is in fact, three necklaces in one. The pendant has two sides – one silver, one gold –  and the exquisite beaded necklace can also be removed and worn on its own.

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Additional information

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